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What to Know About Boiler Care and Maintenance

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The boiler unit is something very few people will think about as they enjoy hot water and warmth in the home. But if it stops performing its proper function, then it suddenly gets all the attention. This is a situation that is best to avoid. To this end, we have assembled the following important notes and pointers that can help you keep your boiler in full function.  

When considering the well-being of your boiler, there are some important things to keep in mind. The price of replacing your boiler is one of the most important. If you are unsure what the costs of replacing your boiler will be, you should find out. This will save you time and trouble if you find your boiler has to be replaced.  

Running a regular check on your boiler is a good way to get ahead of potential problems and head them off with suitable repairs. Depending on where you have your boiler housed, you should take a moment to check your boiler and ensure there are no leaks forming in or around your boiler. If you do find a leak, this is a sign that something is amiss. The best choice would be to call in an expert with experience in repairing this important apparatus. We recommend boiler breakdown cover to cover unforeseeable issues.

Checking the flame in the boiler is also a good idea. There should be a small pilot light burning all the time. When the boiler is lit, the flame should be steady and blue. The boiler doesn’t need to be checked too often, at least once a month will allow you to catch any small problem before it becomes a major problem.  

It is also a good idea to arrange for a professional inspection. A professional will be able to provide a deeper examination and check for all possible signs of disrepair. Your boiler professional will be able to run some tests on the function of the boiler to ensure everything is in perfect conditions. The tests are not very hard to do, as a matter of fact, you can probably run these tests yourself with a small introduction to the process. All you have to do is check that the warmth is flowing evenly from all radiators when the boiler is turned on.  

This can even be performed in the summer to check the conditions of the radiator when it hasn’t been used in a while. Best to catch any problems before they become cooler months come around.  

If you notice the heating performance of your radiator is not on point, bleeding the radiator may be a good option for you. The function of the radiator can be impacted by air getting trapped in the system and can reduce the efficacy of your system. The excess air can be easily removed by “bleeding” the system. This is a fairly easy task and can be handled by anyone even without any DIY experience.   

Most boilers will require an annual maintenance so that the warranty doesn’t expire and are also important to keeping your boiler in optimal functionality.  

Another problem that can impact the functionality of your boiler will be sludge collecting in the system. The solution to this small problem would be to apply a power flush to removing these contaminants. This will also have to be performed if you will be installing a new boiler.  

Flushing out the impurities in your boiler system will greatly extend the service life of your boiler and prevent all manner of smaller issues. Once your boiler system has been cleaned, the installation technician can install a filter that will keep the boiler from collecting sludge. In the long run, regular boiler maintenance and regular cleaning will mean your boiler lasts longer and functions more efficiently.

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