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>You will also find the list of "complainers" at a BOE meeting are largely the same as those at a VC meeting.

>I think it is great that the BOE requires people to sign in. The VC should do it, as well. US citizens have the right to voice their opinions. But, they do not have the right to do so anonymously in a public meeting.

There are people in this town, who recognize issues that affect the quality of life for children, adults or families and volunteer their time to make Ridgewood the best it can be. There are others, who choose to ignore problems that don’t affect them and complain about EVERYTHING, but don’t do anything constructive to be a part of the solutions. Many of the latter group are reading this blog right now. You will also find the list of “complainers” at a BOE meeting are largely the same as those at a VC meeting. Everyone knows who they are. They find fault with almost everything the VC or BOE do. They want every municipal service to be perfect. But, they don’t want to pay for it. They want people to support the businesses in town. But, they don’t want to create the necessary parking spaces to attract the kind of businesses that will draw people to the business district and oppose a 25 cent parking meter fee. They think youth sports should be limited from 12:00 – 5:30 and think the increased demand for athletic fields is due to DI crazed parents, who schedule their children for multiple sports every season, ignoring the simple facts. They want our students to rank among the best in the country and our RHS teams to win on the athletic field. But, they don’t want to invest in our school infrastructure or athletic programs. They will complain about noisy portable lights. But, they aren’t willing to consider a permanent solution that would eliminate the noise and avoid annoying light in the windows of neighboring houses. These are people that put their own selfish desires and convenience above the basic needs of their neighbors.

Fly, you can challenge this in court, if you wish, and you will lose. There is no law that prohibits requiring people to identify themselves at a public meeting. If you really want to make a difference, find a way to be a constructive part of the solution to problems in this town, not one of the complainers. For example, run for BOE or VC election, volunteer to coach in a program that needs coaches, raise money for a project in town, serve on a village committee. Do something more than rant on this blog. While your comments are interesting to some and raise awareness of certain issues, they often focus on petty issues, like this, and do nothing to solve any important issues facing Ridgewood.

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