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Young Americans for Liberty to Host Candidate Training December 5

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Newark, NJ – Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) announced it is hosting a candidate training on Saturday, December 5th in Newark, NJ. The training is an all-day intensive from 8am to 8:30pm covering the entire gambit of campaign expertise and information. Sessions at the training include data and how-to-knowledge on budgeting, campaign software, building allies and gaining endorsements, getting out the vote (GOTV), how to write press releases, messaging, and much more. The training, limited by space, is by application only; liberty and freedom oriented people of all ages are welcome to apply. 

Matthew Castaneda, YAL North East Regional Deputy Director and New Jersey native son, stated, “the Liberty Candidate Academy is going to be the premier New Jersey candidate training for those who want to bring smaller and more responsible government that respects the rights of every citizen to all levels of government.” Castaneda continued, “whether the state Senate and Assembly or municipal elections in 2021, YAL is committed to training candidates in NJ to advocate for personal freedom, lower taxes, and smaller government.”

NJ GOP State Committeeman, Joshua Sotomayor Einstein, known to be a friend of the liberty movement, stated, “it’s amazing to see such a great organization and movement do a training for freedom-oriented candidates in New Jersey.” He continued, “YAL is a non-partisan organization, which makes sense especially as in our state anti-freedom and anti-liberty big government political “leadership” is sometimes a bi-partisan problem; training candidates who want to give back to the people their hard earned money and freedom is the first step in fixing New Jersey.”

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