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11 am Ridgewood Central Business District employee parking at Cottage place wide open

CBD employee parking

January 19,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, reader commented “Its actually a one faceted approach–bury your head in the sand and pretend we dont need a garage.” No we don’t think the lack of a garage is the problem.

Central Business District Thursday, January 18th,  11 am employee parking cottage place wide open.

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7 thoughts on “11 am Ridgewood Central Business District employee parking at Cottage place wide open

  1. If the carrot doesn’t work, bring out the stick!

  2. None of the commuters want to park at cottage pl lot. It is too far away from the train station. The problem is portrayed as “allocation”, but it is not true. It is lack of supply. There is demand for lots closer to train station and there is not enough supply, hence the issue can only be rectified by building a garage at a location closer to train station. If you really insist on filling up cottage pl lot, you need to lower the annual fee, so it becomes financially attractive and makes up for its undesirable location. With the current pricing, it won’t sell. The same applies to walnut lot.

  3. It was competitive at 25 cents per hour 12 hour max for average commuters before they went to eight max to screw he townsfolk and hoist the 625 then 750 the 1000 for the elites at trainside.

  4. 11:19. We tried beating the town donkeys (us) and it’s not very effective morale or parking wise…only in Ridgewood do raise prices to create demand..Big time fail folks..lets get it together management..ticket crew needs to chill a bit..creates enemy’s to stores and commercial efforts to continue to exist

  5. What prevented the council from offering annual permits @250 here and keeping them @750 in the train parking lots?

  6. 5:48. Good question ..perhaps other priorities were in play.finding a balance or spread in rate to not overwhelm capacity of any one lot or area serving commuters shoppers and tricky but I am sure some solutions are being considered .We all deserve no less.Thank you,

  7. Cause they’re all parked in the street spots RIGHT smack in front of the shop they work in. Always have been always will be. Until you fix that, there’s no fix

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