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2020-2021 Ridgewood Student Performance Review

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Ridgewood NJ, at the Ridgewood Board of Education meeting  data presented comparing three different school years : 2018-2019 traditional school year, 2019-2020 in person through March with fully remote spring, and 2020-2021 hybrid and remote instruction. During the pandemic, shifts were made to methods of instructional delivery and assessment. The student performance data presented was based on Fountas and Pinell reading levels (K-5), Envision 2.0 math scores (K-5), student grades in all subject areas (6-12), and teacher feedback through summer professional development.

Elementary assessment was less impacted by the changes from 2018-2019 in terms of the types of assessments administered. A comparison of elementary student assessment data for reading and math at the elementary level was reviewed. Summer interventions are in place for elementary students including summer adventure, a summer session with the guidance counselor for remote students, and a scavenger hunt activity for new students.

Shifts at the secondary level (6-12) included middle school portfolios, project-based assessments, on-demand assessments with access to resources, flexibility with timelines, and opportunities for progress toward proficiency of course content. A comparison of secondary assessment grades by quarter for the past three years was presented, as well as percentages of grades that were not passing. Summer interventions at the secondary level include the Summer Academy Transition Program, tours for new and remote students, and summer school.

Over 300 teachers are participating in summer professional development and re-examining a balanced approach to teaching and learning.

Click here to view a PDF of the presentation.
Click here to view the webcast of the presentation and scroll to 33:50.

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  1. Marxists have captured the schools and are destroying the hearts and minds of children, putting muzzles on them to keep them silent. Put you head in the sand and wish for sanity to return or take some action.

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