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>3 Days Drunk : Local Indy musician gives back.



3 Days Drunk : Local Indy musician gives back.

The singer\bassist for the group 3 Days Drunk is donating a portion of his profits from any 3 Days Drunk song sold between Dec 8 and Christmas from iTunes to Toys for Tots.

We have been in a recession for a couple of years now and folks are struggling to make ends meet. I have seen how tough some folks have it and I just thought what could I do to give a little back. I feel lucky that I still have a job which allows me the ability to pursue my music so I figured that I could give a little back through my music. Music sales are in the decline and the whole industry has been changing over the past few years. However, these changes have allowed independent artists, like myself, to be able to record and put out their music for a low cost. It really doesn’t cost me anything to record an original song since I have my own studio. Recording and releasing a cover song costs me a little more due to licensing. I also have teamed up with a group that gets an artist’s songs up on iTunes and pays a high return to the artist. This allows me to collect a higher payout per song as an independent than most major artists.

Its due to this higher payout that I came up with the idea that I could give something back to charity this year. I chose Toys For Tots because of the work they do and, being a veteran, I have a lot of respect for these guys. Every child deserves to get a present on Christmas and these great folks try every year to make that happen. Being a small independent artist if feel that I am lucky in the fact that I can afford to do what I do. So this is my little way to give back. It would be great to have everyone buy one of our songs as the more that is sold the bigger the donation I will make.

Greg is the singer\bassist for the group 3 Days Drunk. He is also an independent recording engineer\remixer who has done work for major label and independent artists.

3 Days Drunk is a collaboration between 2 friends who use to play together while living in Japan during the 1990’s. As life got in the way and connections were lost, the creative juices would be renewed when Greg asked Bow to help collaborate on a remix, which turned into a cover tune and the first release from 3 Days Drunk. The creative spark has been re-lit and with the use of today’s technology they have started working on new songs together with plans to release each new single as they are recorded independently.

3 Days Drunk can be found online at and can be downloaded from iTunes at

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