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300 Spaces will not solve the Ridgewood Parking Problem

November 23,2015
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood has always been a quaint and desirable village notably distinct from its neighboring towns and will always have some degree of crowding. A 300 space parking garage is only another step away from that “quaintness”.

When the Mayor Aronsohn was at the train station one morning lobbying for yes-votes for the garage, Residents asked him if 300 spaces would solve any problems. His response was that some people estimate it at 1,000 spaces and he’s looking at other locations for other garages as well. It’s like a runaway train.

The fact that we have some congestion goes hand-in-hand with desirability. Many would rather have the village we have now and pay the price that charm requires rather than chip away at its ambiance (and these are pretty big chips) and end up paying an even larger price in the long run.

9 thoughts on “300 Spaces will not solve the Ridgewood Parking Problem

  1. Put some horse and carriage back on Village Streets, that will keep it “old fashion and quaint.

  2. The parking garage is going to be over budget and an eyesore that really is not needed.

  3. Vagianos said at town meeting that Ridgewood will always be a quaint village because it covers only a few miles.

    He said it doesn’t matter how much high density housing with parking garages is added.

    He must be right. After all he is a big cheese isn’t he. Isn’t he someone that we all admire and love and wish we were as smart and successful and personable as he is.

    And he is a lawyer and owns a tasty restaurant. What’s not to believe when he talks.

    He is as oily as a Greek olive. Now that’s delicious, right.

  4. If would be cheaper to park at Graydon , buy a shuttle bus and hire a driver

  5. Parking Garage boondoggle without business owners liability is a set up for Taxpayers to get left holding the wrong end of this it’s an architectural nuclear option due to an unsuitable site BUILDING DESIGN and its impact on that small congested SITE AND roadway.its a farce…these guys will be long gone and Joe Taxpayer more than on the HOOK.WAKE UP RWOOD ..Visitors to town walk fm parking spots to the stores and restaurants ..PIGS GET SLAUGHTERED ..VILLAGE Of rwood
    Beware.STOP THIS NOW

  6. “If would be cheaper to park at Graydon , buy a shuttle bus and hire a driver”

    Yeah… but where’s the money in that for the FOTA (Friends of 3 Amigos)?

  7. If the merchants are blaming lack of parking spaces for their miserable sales, and every space is taken, then where are all these people who are jamming up all the parking spaces going?

  8. Business owner liability? Yea, Right.
    you people need to get your heads out of your 1960’s asses.
    the town or “Village” as some continue to call it changing with the times and “quaintness” passed along time ago along with the “Village” monkier. the machine that runs the town is going to continue to run slipshod over the residents because that’s whats been done for years whilst you were asleep at the switch. Now you want “Quaintness”?
    Sorry, that boat sailed long ago. step up or move aside.

  9. The village goes into the red with parking meters! How are they going to make money on a $10 million garage? If this is such a profitable, viable project, why isnt the owner of Ken Smith, or the Brogan property, building it on their land? What a boondoggle.

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