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4 Jobs Where You Can Travel the World

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Working while traveling the world has become one of the most desired lifestyles in recent decades. While many people know that a nomadic lifestyle is right for them, they might not know what sort of jobs provide a remote income that could support this lifestyle. The following will explore four of the many jobs that allow you to travel the world with your work in your backpack.

1. Freelance Writing Or Editing

Freelance writing and freelance editing are both massive categories of work. There are as many types of freelance writing and editing as there are writers or editors in the world. This job requires a lot of initiative and genuine curiosity, as well as a solid grasp of language and grammar. Content writers, copywriters, white paper writers, email writers, resume writers, feature writers, line editors, developmental editors, and proofreaders are just a few of the many options available to you in this industry.

If you’re looking to get involved, it is typically required that you have writing samples online that you can link clients to, so you may need to write a few articles for free and share them online before you can get started. It is also far more common for highly specialized writers with niches to succeed in this industry. A final point regarding freelance writing and editing has to do with scams or people taking advantage of the popular dream of writing for a living. Do the math when you book gigs and calculate how many words you wrote in an hour and how much you get paid per word. Many freelancers are shocked to realize that they’re making far less than minimum wage.

2. Real Estate Industry

There are two routes towards making an income within real estate. The first is you can work as a real estate agent, the second is you can buy properties and rent them out, ending up with a monthly income as well as an increase in your assets as the value of the building increases. This website has a lot of information about how to get started in real estate with the goal of being able to travel the world while you make your money. Investing in real estate requires strong knowledge of economics and sociocultural trends, but can result in a big paycheck if you know what you’re doing.

3. Videography Or Photography

Similar to writing and editing, videography and photography have countless niches and specializations. These industries complement traveling, particularly well as you can film and take photos of the things you see as you move from country to country. One of the biggest barriers to entry when considering working as a videographer or photographer is the purchasing of gear and equipment. The average consumer has very high standards for photo and video quality, so often your phone is not going to cut it. This industry also requires an understanding of editing, color correction, and sound syncing. As a side note, you need to be incredibly aware of drone laws, if you plan on using drones to take photos or videos. Drones are taken incredibly severely by governments all around the world.

4. Translator

If you have a strong knowledge of languages, being a translator can be incredibly lucrative and freeing. This can take the form of listening to the audio, watching a video, or reading something and then writing down what was expressed in another language. This industry is tricky, as the word for word translation is often not best at capturing the tone, emotion, and meaning of a text. A nuanced knowledge of more than one language is required. Most languages have an official test you can take and the results can be shared on your website or resume if you seek this kind of work freelance. Some companies hire translators meaning you would not need to find the clients yourself.

The above four jobs are by no means exhaustive. There are hundreds of different types of remote work you can use to make an income while you travel full-time. Of course, some jobs are going to be easier to get than others, and you need to keep in mind that many of these industries require a full work week to make a decent living. Most of these jobs require hard work and initiative early on for success to develop later. Sure, after two or three years, you’ll likely have gotten the swing of things and be making a comfortable wage with a fair amount of time and energy spent, but don’t expect any of these jobs to be easy in the beginning.

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