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4 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Eco-friendly

The summer of 2020 seemed like one that was utterly determined to test the limits of what the planet can manage in terms of a planet that seems on the brink environmentally. Wildfires and major storms raged throughout, and many people felt that they could not catch a break. Climate change is at the forefront of most people’s minds and with good reason. It is now more important than ever to be mindful of the environment and safeguard its natural resources. Most homeowners are trying to make their abodes amenable to the environment as a way to help, but the bathroom can be a bit difficult. All that toilet paper, the constant use of water – it’s hardly something that can be described as eco-friendly. Although, there are ways around it. The following are some quick and simple ways to make your bathroom more environmentally friendly.

1.Purchase Natural Cleaners

The traditional chemical cleaners we have come to rely on are, of course, excellent for keeping things sanitized and germ-free. However, they are far from good for the environment. Science in the last few years has painted a fairly damning portrait of these cleaners since they pollute the ocean and block major waterways. They also have a negative impact on the health of marine life. The good thing is that natural, biodegradable products are now widely available – they clean just as well and are oftentimes less expensive. Making the switch can be a worthwhile effort for both the environment and your pocket, and will bring you one step closer to making your bathroom an eco-friendly place.

2.Replace Your Fixtures

Protecting freshwater sources is incredibly important – there isn’t a great deal of it to go around, a lot of it has been quite polluted, and it mustn’t be used wastefully. Old-fashioned showerheads waste a tremendous amount of water, as do faucets and toilets. Attempting to switch your bathroom’s set-up for zero waste is now easier since there are so many ways in which fixtures can be replaced with water-efficient ones that reduce the amount of water used. Simply changing old appliances and fixtures can be a huge help. An old toilet uses up to 7 gallons of water per flush. Consider getting a water-efficient macerating toilet fixture. This fixture is built to maximize water efficiency and creates a huge difference from old models. Saving water is important and can be done with smaller interventions, too, such as not keeping the water running in vain as you brush your teeth. It is a major no-no that a surprising number of people don’t realize is awful for the environment. 

3.Use Natural Toiletries

All those shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, body oils, moisturizers, and hand soaps that we use to cleanse our bodies contain a surprising number of chemicals. This means that they are not only unhealthy for regular use; they are the complete opposite of what eco-friendly products should be. Besides the specific chemical makeup of these products and the surprising ways in which their effect on the environment sometimes mimic that of household cleaners, all those bottles they come in do not help at all. Bathtime products are a luxury staple in any home, but that also means that they are unfortunately excessively packaged, with unnecessary plastics that undoubtedly do more harm than good. Also, err on the side of caution with many of these products since they are by and large tested on animals. 

Instead, opt for creating your own biodegradable products with ingredients you can easily source – and pronounce. It is much easier than it seems and definitely worth a try. There are also plenty of excellent products widely available at your local drugstore these days, so purchasing them is no longer as difficult as it used to be. In this regard, becoming environmentally friendly is now a much more doable task. 

4.Replace the Washer Dryer

Doing the laundry is perhaps the biggest offender of all when it comes to the appliances used in your bathroom. They leave a massive carbon footprint, given the amount of water and energy used. And, the run of the mill laundry detergent sold at most grocery stores doesn’t help matters. Replacing the washer dryer with a new, eco-friendly one will make a whole world of good not just for the environment, but it will also help lower your energy bills. There is a reason why these machines are in such high demand these days, and it’s because they make good economic and environmental sense. Be sure to supplement this positive change by also purchasing biodegradable and safe laundry detergent for regular use.

Safeguarding the environment and dealing with climate change is this generation’s clarion call. It has become increasingly clear that the products we use in our daily life have a tremendous impact on the environment. Making a few key changes can help minimize our negative impact on the planet over time.

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