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4 Tips to Choose a Sanitizer That Fits Your Needs


While they have been with us for many years, a majority of people around the globe barely knew about them or their importance until the global pandemic struck. As you may have guessed, we’re talking about hand sanitizers! It is sad that sanitizers also became a booming business, which attracted many, especially after populations were sent out of employment. Soon after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, sanitizers flooded the market after a slight global shortage. After all, necessity is the mother of invention, right?

But it doesn’t stop there. While each one of us has to sanitize hands regularly when outside in public, it is even more important that surfaces in institutions and public amenities be regularly sanitized and disinfected. When choosing a sanitizer, it’s about knowing the kind that will best serve your needs. On this note, here are 4 tips for selecting a sanitizer that best fits your needs.  

1. Intended Usage

There are different types of sanitizers. When shopping for a sanitizer, it is best to explain what you need your sanitizer for, so you can pick the one that best suits your purpose. In other words, hand sanitizers are just one out of a range of these cleansing chemicals based on the intended use. Additionally, some come in the form of sprays, whereas others come as liquids or gels. If you look at, you will notice a range of options that you can choose from depending on your specific needs. If you need one for disinfecting extensive surfaces, then a spray-based sanitizer would suffice. On the other hand, gel-based sanitizers are suited for individual use, such as hand sanitizing.

Also, sanitizers can either be alcohol-based or alcohol-free, as we will establish in the next point. Meanwhile, some examples of sanitizers by usage include:

Heavy Oil Hand Sanitizer – Cleaning stubborn stains.
Ordinary sanitizer – Cleaning and decontamination.
Bacteriostatic sanitizers – Antibacterial protection.
Children sanitizers – Non-toxic and non-irritation best for kids.
Hospital sanitizer – Disinfecting tools used for surgery.

In a nutshell, always choose a sanitizer that best suits your specific needs. An ordinary sanitizer cannot perform the same as the hospital sanitizer on surgical tools. You will also realize that they come in different packaging types and are available at different prices.

2. Skin Type

Different types of sanitizers have different effects on different kinds of skin. This means that you have to know your skin type when choosing a hand sanitizer. The point is to pick a mild sanitizer that will not cause inflammation or irritate your skin. It is always better to be safe than sorry. If you cannot tell which sanitizer is best for you, consider talking to a dermatologist for accurate answers.

While at it, keep in mind that alcohol-free sanitizers are best for sensitive skin. There are no harsh compounds to irritate the skin. Additionally, it has a warm scent and hypoallergenic disinfection. If you have dry skin, get a sanitizer that contains moisturizers or vitamins for a healthy shin.

3. Ingredients

In the wake of COVID, many companies came up and started producing sanitizers. With too many options on the market, it became a bit tricky to differentiate the genuine sanitizers from the fake ones. But the truth is, you never know which ones are safe. Some may contain hazardous substances like parabens and triclosan or preservatives that may not react well with your skin.

Shop for a trusted brand where you are sure of your safety. A sanitizer that contains 60%-75% alcohol is the most recommended for those who opt for alcoholic sanitizers. It kills germs better than non-alcoholic sanitizers. Antibacterial and antiviral formulations are a must-have in the sanitizer you settle for.

4. Storage

What are your storage options? Is it for the home, hospital, commercial, or everyday use? Depending on the use of the sanitizer, they are stored differently. For instance, hospital sanitizers are stored in piles of 5 feet. The materials used to make the walls, ceilings, and floors are fire-resistant. This is because hospital sanitizers are alcoholics and can flame anytime they are exposed to fire.

If the sanitizer is for domestic use, are there kids around? Is it an alcohol-based or non-alcoholic based sanitizer? When shopping for a sanitizer, you must evaluate your storage options. This is especially important when it comes to alcoholic sanitizers. They are highly flammable and can cause damage or accidents when mishandled. Also, alcohol-based sanitizers tend to evaporate when left open, narrowing their service span.

Sanitizers are clear lifesavers in this age and day. Apart from stopping the spread of COVID-19, they also kill a wide range of germs that can wreak havoc in our lives. The above are just a few things to consider when choosing a sanitizer.


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  1. The 4 tips about choosing the best sanitizer according to your needs are really helpful. It will help us choose the best sanitizer instead of buying any other sanitizer. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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