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6 Key Things You Need to Know When Buying Your First Rolex

If you are going to ask watch collectors and enthusiasts about what watch they will not forget to buy for their watch collection, Rolex is definitely their answer. Now that you are here, I’m sure you are having thought of buying your first-ever Rolex watch. Are you looking for something classic, high-quality, waterproof, and suitable for both sexes? Whether it’s a present for yourself since you worked hard for something, or your loved ones as a birthday gift, or your parents as an appreciation or celebratory gift. A Rolex watch is the best answer for that!

Rolex is the first brand that comes to mind when people think about watches. It is the ideal choice when buying a high-quality watch. They are well-known in the watchmaking industry for producing high-quality, accurate luxury wristwatches. Their achievements and recognition proved and tested it throughout their history. So if this is your first time buying a Rolex watch and you are clueless, we will help you with that. Here are 6 important things you need to take note of when buying a Rolex watch.

The History of Rolex

Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis founded the Rolex in 1905 in London, England. Back then, Rolex was not yet the name of the company; it was Wilsdorf and Davis. Wilsdorf filed the trademark “Rolex” in 1908 and established an office in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. On November 15, 1915, they registered the company name Rolex. In 1919, they moved their operations to Geneva, Switzerland. 

When Wilsdorf’s wife died in 1944, he founded the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, in which he bequeathed all of his Rolex shares, ensuring that a portion of the company’s profits went to charity. Rolex SA is the world’s biggest luxury watchmaker, manufacturing approximately 2,000 timepieces every day. Today, the company manufactures industry icons like the Rolex Submariner, Daytona, and GMT-Master. They compete with other top luxury watch brands and support many major sporting events in tennis, golf, yachting, and racing.

1.A Rolex watch is a great investment

Unlike other items, Rolex guarantees that their watches will endure even in the most severe conditions on the planet. Rolex made their watch from a variety of materials, including precious stones like gold and diamonds and metals like steel, which is why Rolex watches are such good investments. Having a classical timepiece may be a meaningful treasure that everyone can pass down from their generation to generation. The value of a Rolex watch grows with time. Rolex’s worth will never decline since it is a high-quality, premium brand that is well-loved all around the world.

2.Rolex watches are timeless

Because they are great for investment, this solely means that Rolex produces timeless watches. Watch collectors and enthusiasts go for Rolex because of this reason, so if you are looking for a classical timepiece, Rolex is the answer for that. A classic watch is everlasting. A Rolex watch is the type of watch that you would buy in your thirties and wear until you are in your seventies. That is the kind of power that a Rolex watch can provide. Even if you wear it every day and everywhere, it will still look as good as the day you got it if you take proper care of it. A vintage item is always a safe bet.

3.Rolex watches are water-resistant

Did you know that Rolex created the world’s first waterproof wristwatch? So you don’t have to worry about your watch becoming wet while on vacation this summer. Rolex introduced the first waterproof timepiece, the Rolex Oyster, in 1926. Not only is it waterproof, but it’s also dustproof! Many individuals have shown and tested it, but the most notable was Mercedes Gleitze, who swam across the English Channel wearing the Rolex Oyster. There are several waterproof watches, including the Rolex Submariner, which is waterproof up to 1,000 feet. You can now swim at the beach or pool without worrying about your watch becoming rusty.

4.Rolex watches are high-quality products

There are several brands to choose from when buying a timepiece, but when it comes to a high-quality timepiece, Rolex is one of the luxury brands on the market that you can rely on. The watch movements are the most difficult part of producing a Rolex watch since they have a higher failure rate, so Rolex made their watch by hand. Yes, you read it right. Rolex watches are handmade. Rolex assembles their watches carefully to provide high-quality watches. Their watches go through so much testing that it takes a year to produce one.


Watch collectors and enthusiasts go for watches that give them comfortability. Don’t you like a lightweight wristwatch? Or bracelets that are a good fit? That when you write, run, or even dance, it seems like you have nothing on your wrists? Then, you should buy a Rolex timepiece if you are looking for watch comfortability. With Rolex, you may select the band that is most comfortable for you. The President bracelet, which is available in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, is one of the most comfortable and well-liked Rolex bands.

6.Numerous collection

Because Rolex has been in the industry for over a century, they created numerous collections. They have watches in different colors, sizes, bracelets, and styles that would suit their customers’ choices. You can choose from their black to silver dials, and for women, you can choose from pink and mother-of-pearl dials. If you are the type of person who loves steel and leather bracelets, Rolex offers a lot of types of bracelets. You can have the metal one, which is the oyster and jubilee bracelet, or the Oysterflex bracelet. 

There are tons of watches that you can choose from with Rolex. From the first waterproof watch, the Oyster, through the timeless Rolex Day-Date and the best-selling Submariner. You can have anything with Rolex watches.


You can never go wrong with a Rolex watch. If I were you, I would not think twice and buy my first-ever Rolex watch. You don’t need to go out when buying a Rolex. Just go to It is a trustworthy online store that offers a variety of luxury timepieces, including Rolex. Be cautious while selecting the style, model, and color of your first Rolex so that you do not end up regretting your purchase.

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