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A Sense of Urgency Surrounding the Preservation of the Woman’s Club of Ridgewood’s Iconic Clubhouse

the staff of the Ridgewood blog for the Woman’s Club of Ridgewood
Ridgewood NJ, there is a sense of urgency surrounding the preservation of the Woman’s Club of Ridgewood’s iconic clubhouse. The nearly one-hundred-year-old building is rapidly declining into disrepair and, as you can imagine, requires constant care. We simply do not have the funds to stay on top of its needs.

We are desperate and looking to you, our neighbors, to help us recover from financial losses that we’ve incurred due to the pandemic. We hope you will consider giving what you can to help us save this Ridgewood landmark. Please click on this link:
Thank you in advance for your commitment to the Woman’s Club of Ridgewood. We send our heartfelt appreciation for your support and wish you a healthy and happy holiday season.
The Woman’s Club of Ridgewood and the Scholarship Trust Board of Trustees

8 thoughts on “A Sense of Urgency Surrounding the Preservation of the Woman’s Club of Ridgewood’s Iconic Clubhouse

  1. It’s a party place. Their business model is flawed. They don’t pay property tax and still they are one of the expensive venus for hall rental. There are better places in town at cheaper rates.
    They need to fix their business model instead of always asking for donations.

  2. How come they don’t pay taxes. It’s not a village building is it. What do they do for the village in return not to pay taxes. Do they pay for utilities.

  3. Just a thought, if We decide to open up a men’s club. Somewhere throughout the village. Would we get the same inReturn.

    Just curious

  4. I have such fond memories of the Women’s Club. Miss Thompson’s Dance Class, RHS reunions, even weddings! I hope they can pull it together to save this local institution. Please update the link so that I can make a donation. It doesn’t appear to be working.

  5. This is very interesting they would like us to give a donation to do repairs at this location.But yet it’s run like a business. I’m confused is it a business or not a business. Because it’s not a free establishment for me to utilize this location for a family event is it.

  6. Sell it too the village. Maybe the water department may need it.

    Or put a west side police department operation there .

    Or how about a men’s club?
    Or a pool hall.

  7. Beautiful building. Needs to be saved.

  8. I always wondered if they paid taxes.
    I used to see wedding parties, ignoring the parking regulations on W. Ridgewood ave and N. Monroe, constantly blocking traffic.
    My observation would conclude its nothing more than a rental hall, like the Fiesta, Brownstone, or Venetian.

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