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A Wetsuit Buying Guide for Your Next Spearfishing Adventure

Every fisherman knows that when it comes to getting the best catch in the ocean, it is all about using the right equipment. Whether you’re fishing on a boat or underwater, the right gear makes all the difference in the world, and it is not just about the spearguns and the polespears alone. It is also about wearing and buying the right kind of wetsuit. 

The next time you shop around for your wetsuit, here are a couple of tips to help you pick out the perfect one: 

The Thickness of The Suite – The thicker the wetsuit, the better it is for colder temperatures. Your choice of wetsuit is going to depend a lot on where you plan to do most of your spearfishing. For example, if you were planning to spearfish in waters where the temperature was 26 degrees, then a thinner wetsuit would suffice. However, if you were planning to spearfish in waters that were between 10 to 26 degrees, then you would be better off with a thicker wetsuit to help you stay warm. 

The Material of The Wetsuit – Spearfishing wetsuits come in both open-cell and closed-cell neoprene material. Open-cell neoprene wetsuits are the more expensive option because the quality is a lot better and they are a lot warmer too. If your budget permits, going with the better quality open-cell neoprene wetsuit is a far better option. Better quality means the suit is going to last you much longer, and this means you get more bang for your buck in the long run. 

Your Preferred Style – You could choose to go with a two-piece wetsuit or a one-piece wetsuit that looks similar to a surfer’s suite. This one depends on what you are comfortable with. Of course, if the water is going to be cold where you plan to spearfish, a full-body one-piece wetsuit would be a sensible choice, even if you prefer the comfort of a two-piece. You should be comfortable when you’re fishing underwater, and staying warm is absolutely a necessity. 

Getting A Suit That Fits Properly – There are several factors here that contribute to what makes a wetsuit fit well. For one thing, you want to make sure that your wetsuit is just right, not too loose or too snug. You should be able to have a comfortable range of ample movement without the suit feeling too tight or snug in any area of your body. The neckline of your wetsuit should also be comfortable. This means that there should be no urge to keep tugging at the hem of your neckline because it feels like you can’t breathe. 

Camouflaging Yourself – Something you will notice is that a lot of wetsuits are colored in such a way that you’re camouflaging with your surroundings. Blending in with your environment takes your fishing experience up a notch because who knows how much more you could catch when your prey doesn’t see you coming? If you prefer to go with your basic black, that works fine too. At the end of the day, you should be happy with the wetsuit that you purchase since you will be using it for a while. 


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