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Wild Duck Pond to Get a Facelift in Ridgewood

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ former Mayor and Bergen County Commissioner Ramon M Hache used Earth Day to announce on Facebook that Bergen County is going to restore the Duck Pond in Ridgewood .

Hache said ,”I’m very happy to report that at last night’s Public Session, the Board of County Commissioners passed Resolution #269-21 to award a contract for the restoration of the Wild Duck Pond in Ridgewood. It’s been a long time coming but the end result will be worth the wait.”

6 thoughts on “Wild Duck Pond to Get a Facelift in Ridgewood

  1. Now that is great news for all of us to Enjoy that great park.

  2. I hope it’s more than just a “facelift”

  3. A restored park and a new CVS in walking distance. Its a beautiful area but will be packed more than it is now. Hope they beef up routine maintenance too.

  4. Where is Cvs going

  5. Huge (15000 sq ft) CVS with drive-thru pharmacy to be constructed at the corner of E. Ridgewood Ave and Paramus Road where the farm stand and houses along Ridgewood ave are. The two houses along Ridgewood Ave will be removed and the CVS and parking lot will extend from the corner all the way up to the bridge . The plans call for both left and right hand turns out of the parking lot into Ridgewood Ave right where the existing bus stop is. A house will also be knocked down on Paramus Road just north of the farm stand to make way for yet another bank. Thanks Paramus! Anything for a buck.

  6. This sounds dreadful. Truly dreadful. A CVS there will ruin it. Any kind of industrialization of the nearby area near the pond will be the end…

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