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AARP Poll Finds 83% of New Jersey Voters 50 or Older are likely to Leave the State

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Ridgewood NJ, according to a new poll from AARP two out of five New Jersey voters 50 years old or older considered leaving the state to live elsewhere in the last year.

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The survey found 41% of voters in that age group have thought of moving, with 83% of them saying they are actually likely to go.

Generalized to the entire 50-plus registered voter population in New Jersey, that’s almost 900,000 older voters.

Most name lower taxes and a lower overall cost of living are the top drivers to leaving.

3 thoughts on “AARP Poll Finds 83% of New Jersey Voters 50 or Older are likely to Leave the State

  1. Older people are tired of paying real estate taxes with outrageous school budgets
    Single older people don’t want to pay 17% inheritance taxes (since they are NOT exempt like those who pass their inheritance to husband wife or child)
    Nobody with discretionary income will be left in this state.
    I might keep a home here because I do like it.. but i will ‘self-exile’ 181 days per year to Florida in order to maintain my residency.
    While i am out of state, thats 181 days I won’t be here supporting NJ businesses and paying sales taxes. (but you can’t talk logic to the morons in trenton who ruined this state)

  2. YOU are so right. Taxes are nuts. I am a single senior citizen and cannot take anymore. I have lived in NJ for 52 years on a fixed budget.

  3. How else are we going to provide overpriced housing for West side NYC liberals looking to move to Ridgewood?

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