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Ridgewood Got Scammed: Media admits Black Lives Matter is Just Another Racket

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Ridgewood NJ, It took two years, but media “reporters” have finally figured out the Black Lives Matter is just another corrupt money-raising racket . Will the Ridgewood parents who organized the BLM protests be taken to task ?

Stephen Crockett of the HuffPost, has written an eye-opening essay called “The Business of Black Death.”

He points out that in 2020, Black Lives Matter took in $90 million with precious little evidence of where the money went.

New York Magazine reports the group took $6 million of donations secretly buy a 6,500 square foot mansion in Los Angeles. Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, a self-avowed Marxist, purchased four homes for some $3.2 million. Right on cue, Cullors responded by saying it was both “sexist” and “racist,” to challenge how the money has been spent. These shysters are very adept at deflecting criticism.

The late Darren Seals, a fierce opponent of police brutality in Ferguson, Mo., complained for years that BLM was “just collecting checks” and that none of the programs have for “the youth or funerals or other programs…We are back at square one, back where we started. No justice, no nothing.”

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7 thoughts on “Ridgewood Got Scammed: Media admits Black Lives Matter is Just Another Racket

  1. Suckers

  2. The entire BLM movement was a scam from the start beginning with drugged up, violent, convicted felon George Floyd who acted like a lunatic in front of police officers. He was their exuse to act like animals looting and burning cities. And stupid “woke” corporations and professional sports idiots gave millions of dollars to these BLM crooks.
    Now it’s coming back to bite them because people know BLM is BS.

  3. Time to find something else to virtue signal about.

  4. Ha..libs have so many blind spots.

  5. Has everyone now learned what “virtue signaling” is?

    And that it has nothing to do with virtue?

    It takes more than name calling and finger pointing to occupy the moral high ground.

  6. You fools!
    Scroll up and check out sharpton.
    You’ve been getting screwed for YEARS

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