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All Animals Are Accounted for and a Veterinarian Performs Wellness Check at Abama’s Farm

photo courtesy of Abma’s farm

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Wyckoff NJ,The Barnyard was closed on Monday for our veterinarian to perform a full health and wellness assessment of our animals to ensure their safety. All animals are accounted for.The Wyckoff Police Department has full control of this open investigation. Any information or questions can be sent to the Wyckoff Police Department. We do not have any further updates. We wish to move forward and get past this situation as quickly as possible.We are not accepting donations at this time.

To update, our farm was broken into Sunday night around 10pm. Trespassers broke into our Barnyard Petting Zoo and disturbed our animals. They opened gates and rode our miniature donkeys, who should not be supporting that much weight. One person took a snapchat of another person riding our mini donkey and applied the Abma’s Farm geofilter.
After a concerned party alerted us to the snapchat, we caught two other trespassers trying to steal- when we called the police, the two fled the scene.
First and foremost, Abma’s is a working farm, and four families (and four generations) live here. This is a home. Second, from a human safety standpoint, breaking in to animal pens with no animal training is dangerous. Animals can kick, rear up, and trample you. In the dark, anything can happen. Third, the safety of the animals has been compromised and that IS. NOT. OKAY. The animals are now shaken and skiddish compared to their normal relaxed nature. This is very troubling to the owners. A couple of the animals got loose from gates left open but after thoroughly searching this morning, all animals are accounted for.


9 thoughts on “All Animals Are Accounted for and a Veterinarian Performs Wellness Check at Abama’s Farm

  1. I want to discuss what the people did at Abma’s farm, which is right down the street from me here in Wyckoff.

  2. I really think that the only thing that will truly enforce consequences for these acts is if we all (easily) find out what colleges they’re applying to, call the admissions offices & direct those folks to the NY Post article.
    These people are not “children “. They are young adults who know the difference between right & wrong. These are the only consequences these people will truly understand. AND it sends a message to other entitled, out of control people that there are truly consequences when you perform sociopathic acts. These people obviously don’t understand the gravity of their crimes. But every single person around here needs to understand the gravity of what they’ve done. None of them deserve the privilege of college. No campus will want them anywhere near once they’ve discovered their characters.

  3. Real stupid group of kids but shouldn’t the grounds have more protection, i.e. motion detection lights, cameras, 10-foot high fences, etc ?

  4. What these kids did is awful just awful but why is everyone ready to crucify them to the full extent of the law yet some of the same people are defending the 2 protesters that were arrested in Ridgewood

    The one kid that used his bike to block the cops needed to learn that is not proper behavior just like these kids…if that protester was a white football/lax player the same people would be saying punish him

    Double standard all around

  5. Captain: that is not the point. It’s a small local farm not a bank. Abna’s has been in business for years and years and nothing like this has ever happened. The kids broke the law and they knew they broke the law. Should the rest of their loves be ruined for it, no., but let’s not confuse who is responsible for this act.

  6. My heart goes out to the parents of these young adults. Their lives as well unfortunately will have been changed forever.

  7. Let the Rapists and Murderers out of jail….. you know, compassion, rehabilitation, redemption, covid.

    …But Crucify these kids.
    Get them kicked out of college.
    Make them wear a Sacrlet Letter.
    Ruin their lives

    sounds like your fellow RW neighbors.

  8. At least they’re wearing masks.
    That’s the most important thing.
    Need to keep those donkeys COVID free.

  9. It’s absolutely astounding that the original photo of the blonde bimbo is espousing the fact that she’s an athlete.
    Who gives a flying fuck about that?
    Every comment In this thread is a a classic example of narrow minded Ridgewood Schmucks.
    Hearts going out to parents?? Really?
    Double standards?
    What planet are you assholes living on?

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