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American Oligarchs Behind Economic War on Russians

By Charles Stampul

This is an attempt to make sense of the war that is now threatening Americans. Everything that follows is pure speculation for entertainment purposes only.

During the 2016 US presidential election, American oligarchs Bill and Hillary Clinton paid for a fabricated dossier against Donald Trump to create the narrative that Trump was colluding with Russians to win.  Fellow oligarch Barack Obama, meanwhile, was spying on the Trump campaign.

After taking the White House, Trump tried to find out why Vice President Joe Biden had a Ukrainian prosecutor fired and if it was to protect money flowing to Biden through his son Hunter’s position on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings.  For a phone call he made to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, Trump was impeached and ultimately acquitted.

With Covid as pretext, American oligarchs got election laws changed to allow mass mail in voting which would favor lax voting Democrats over dutiful voting Republicans and better enable cheating and manipulation of results.

Americans  heard a steady drumbeat of “Putin, Putin, Putin from the mainstream media before Covid.  When the Covid narrative started to unravel, the villainization of the Russian president picked up again.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden had successfully shut down American oil production, making the US more dependent on oil from Russia and other countries.

American oligarchs have worked to make Ukraine a member of Nato, a strategic alignment against the former Soviet Union.  Vladimir Putin has consistently expressed opposition to having a nation that was once part of Russia joining an alliance against Russia.  

Russia invaded Ukraine last week. The Biden administration responded with all out economic war on Russia, having to know that the fallout would be isolated to Russia.  

The impact of the sanctions against Russia will give the Fed the excuse it needs to not follow through with plans to end debt monetization.  By every indication American oligarchs want hyperinflation and a currency collapse.  Perhaps to take more control of industry and land and move to martial law, which was just tested in Canada.

They want to replace a collapsing dollar with trackable digital currency.  This will require a social credit system, which vaccine passports have laid the groundwork for.  

The economic sanctions against Russia will hardly touch Russian oligarchs, but it will destroy the lives of many Russians, a great percentage of which are white Christians.  Perhaps  economic warfare against the Russian people is just another front in the war against Western tradition.

The ultimate aim of the destruction of Western tradition may be a two-tier, bifurcated world.  A new dark age for the masses and a new enlightenment for the elite.

6 thoughts on “American Oligarchs Behind Economic War on Russians

  1. Joe Biden is a Dementia case, a puppet, who was put forth as a ‘middle of the road electable candidate’, who once elected, danced to the orders of the radical left, green new deal leftists.
    Make no mistake, this IS the THIRD term of Obama, an imposter who wasn’t ever born here, and hates america
    Do tell me how globalism and open borders benefits any honest tax paying REAL american citizen

    1. The not born here bit ruins your post. Everything else is good.

      1. Social security numbers are issued ONCE with a number in the geographic area of residence upon original issuance. Barry Hussien Sotero despite claiming to be born in Hawaii has a social security # PREVIOUSLY issued to someone in CT.
        Thats all you need to know. NOT born here. *thats why college records were sealed so as to not divulge being here as a foreign student… not unlike the media hiding Hunters laptop… whose dealings in the UKRAINE DO effect our foreign policy..

  2. Add to that American military industrial complex that would benefit from a war in Europe. As well as US oil and gas exporters who benefit from higher prices.

    Frankly, I won’t be surprised if US and Russian leadership secretary colluded to start the war. US industries get to make profit and get rid of EU competition. Russia gets tons of new land – way more valuable in the long term than cost of sanctions.

    Losers are the EU, which gets hit with hyper inflation and energy instability, while simultaneously required to significantly up defense spending (Germany just did). And of course Ukraine, which is in the process of being sliced to pieces. Not just by Russians, but local lawless militias and foreign mercenaries.

    Welcome to multipolar world. It’s just the beginning.

  3. This article is the most accurate and insightful piece of journalism this blog has ever written. The elitist democrats are ruining lives. Saying Biden is awful doesn’t mean you’re glorifying Trump, it just means Biden stinks!

    1. Thanks!

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