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>An incident in Ridgewood on the corner of Monte Vista and Heights

>An incident in Ridgewood on the corner of Monte Vista and Heights

Last night, Mary was walking home from a friend’s house with two boys and another girl. She was supposed to get a ride from the other girl’s parents, but they decided to walk instead. On the corner of Monte Vista and Heights, a black four door car with jersey plates stopped and they asked for directions. While they were stopped, one of the boys (blonde, tall, 17-20 years old) got out and approached one of Mary’s friends. He asked where he was from and when he answered “Ridgewood,” the guy punched him and knocked him to the ground and started choking him. Somehow, he got away and they all ran to my house, then I called the police. The boy is fine, but they are all shaken up. One of the police officers said the exact same thing happened in Glen Rock the night before.

I’m writing to tell you all because you have middle schoolers, too. I hope you spread the word because obviously, the police don’t think it’s important to have information that there is a group of young men preying on innocent kids. Please spread the word and tell your kids not to talk to ANY stranger in a car.

Obviously, the list of people I’m sending this to is not comprehensive. We’re getting ready to leave on our trip, but I did think this was important enough to take a few minutes.

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