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>Ridgewood High School Needs to Get Serious About Its Drug Problem


Ridgewood High School Needs to Get Serious About Its Drug Problem
Apr 7 ,2012
Peter Coti
RHS Student

(RIDGEWOOD-NJ) Seriously, how can an institution claim to have a zero tolerance policy on drugs despite not actively enforcing any type of drug testing on sports teams? From what I hear from a reliable source 1/2 of the girls soccer team is on some form of drug and has not been tested. What is more amazing is the school has the authority to test any athletic player throughout the school year. Why the hell are they not doing that?

Let us look at other schools in the area that had a drug problem that got severely out of control. At Ramsay High School you can go into the forest during lunch and see students possessing and using illegal substances. I can definitely see a similar scenario coming to RHS in the next five years if no action is taking.

Responsibility also does not just lie on the administration, but also the parents of this “fine” town. Where do most kids get their drug money? Their parents. Parents should only be giving limited amounts of money to their kids, by that I mean not a copious amount with no justification. Also, I would urge most parents to drug test their kids whether or not they are an honors student or an athletics.

Why should I care if my kids are on drugs or not? Here are some good reasons why. Let us start with a mild scenario. Your little girl has been a great student and is earning a 3.6 GPA. You are proud for her and you have high hopes for her in life, but after a few semesters you learn their grades are going down and she is more and more isolated from you. By the end of her senior year the only college she can get into is
Bergen Community. Not even liberal arts schools want her.

Ok, what can I say, I like to poke fun at liberal art colleges. Now here is a bit more of a serious scenario. It is dinner and you and your family are sitting down for a lovely dinner, you call down for your son but he does not respond. You go upstairs and find him lying on his bed lying face down, foam coming out of his mouth and he is blue around his lips. Congrad-u-fuckinglations, your kids dead because you did not care
enough to notice that he had been using cocaine and other controlled substances. Is this something you would like to witness?

In short Ridgewood High School and parents need to step up their enforcement regarding students using controlled substances because, a) it can allow students to keep in good academic standing, and b) prevent death. Seriously, if I were a parent I would totally be against anything that could cause death.

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