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Anonymous Responds to Former Councilman Jeff Voigt’s recent letters to The Ridgewood News

Jeff Voigt Ridgewood Council
In response to Mr. Voigt’s recent letters to The Ridgewood News, all posted on his personal Facebook page as well.

Dear Editor,
Almost everything Jeffery Voigt writes is wrong. It does seem he’s spelled his name correctly.
His tumultuous tenure on Village Council  is the reason he and his ilk should never again be elected to serve.
Threatening behavior towards Council colleagues, Village employees, and members of the public.
Calling an elderly resident an expletive from the dais when he thought no one would hear –  ooops,  a hot mic. Then he lied about it  until he couldn’t.
Filing countless frivolous lawsuits against members of the public and even a council member over legal requests made for information under OPRA. Tying up the courts and wasting taxpayer money.
Racial slurs hurled at  members of the public and disparaging others over  body weight or physical appearance. Nice guy.
To cap it off, every single letter to the editor reveals Jeffery Voigt voted on budgets and spending without any understanding of the details or process. 
Simply put. Jeffery Voigt is a nut job.
Even Mrs. Voigt finally figured that out – reportedly booted his butt. Fortunately his new abode in Hawthorne precludes him from voting in the Village. 
Maybe the editor should either thoroughly vet  or  outright reject such “opinion” letters spewing inaccuracies as facts.

19 thoughts on “Anonymous Responds to Former Councilman Jeff Voigt’s recent letters to The Ridgewood News

  1. Typo in the headline. An errant letter S.

  2. Once a douchebag, always a douchebag! He never fails to amaze me. What a moron.

  3. Voigt is an abject failure as a man, as a councilman, and now reportedly he lives in another town. Why bother to listen to him?

  4. The biggest asshole of any elected official in Ridgewood’s history. Surpasses even Aronsohn. That’s his only accomplishment.

    1. That’s a bold statement !

  5. Mr. Voigt is a decent man with a strong moral compass

  6. Amazing !

  7. The man initially got elected via a Trojan Horse where he claimed to stand for certain issues and then did complete U-turns on them. I know politicians bend the truth somewhat, but he outright lied.

    1. Is that so unusual?

  8. While the note may be accurate RW News should never print something from Anonymous.

  9. What letter is this in response to?

  10. This guy has had issues since day one.
    Now his family even hates him. He’s got nothing.
    Except hatred.
    Keep a close eye…he’ll snap at any given moment.

  11. He sits in his lonely little apartment and types out letter after delusional letter.

  12. No one is likely to surpass Aronsohn in damage done to the town for a long time. Mr. Voigt never came close.

  13. Voigt is a decent man with a strong moral compass. Said no one. EVER. Must be Voigt who posted that himself. Couldn’t have been his wife

  14. Question: how much did this asshole Voigt spend of village money with all his OPRA lawsuits against the village manager that were dropped by the judge. He is the biggest two-faced lying jerk ever

  15. Supposedly he wants to run the Dpw, and he has expertise. He feels that the village is using too much salt for the roads. That’s why the roads are deteriorating.
    Hey you never know.

    1. Roads are crap because the town does a half-ass shop of fixing them

      1. Way, way, WAY better than the county. OMG they suck. Every road that you drive on that sucks, or has sunken manholes, or crappy repairs is a county road.

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