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>Another Stealth Campaign

>The Fly asks,” the BOE election is on April 17th any one hear from the candidates?


6 thoughts on “>Another Stealth Campaign

  1. >What do you mean? The candidates spoke at an HSA (Home & School) meeting (and I’m told they visited all the schools’ HSAs)…I was invited to a coffee for one of the candidates…I read their positions in the Ridgewood News last week…so I guess that means yes I have heard from the candidates? what do you mean “stealth?”

  2. >how was the coffee?

  3. >Why was there no League of Women Voters forum this year?

  4. >I totally missed it. When was it held?

  5. >In a one party state, why vote? It is like voting in Stalinist Russia or Iraq under Saddam, who by the wat got over 100% of the vote in one election.

    Let’s hear it for the Republic.

  6. >Why was there no League of Women voters debate? Obviously, because only two candidates ran for two seats. Hence, their ability to secure these seats was a done deal. No point in holding a debate.

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