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Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi Trashes Governor’s Comptroller Appointment

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Westwood NJ, Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi released the following statement after Gov. Phil Murphy’s announcement to appoint Kevin Walsh, the Executive Director of Fair Share Housing Center, as Comptroller for the State of New Jersey:

“While successful at fighting to litter the state with high density housing, his bullying and name calling against mayors, lawmakers, local officials and even me cause grave concern regarding his ability to be impartial, fair and just in this role.

“When I invited him to participate on an important panel addressing how to better provide affordable housing in the state, rather than speaking to me about the invitation or even trying to understand my position on affordable housing, he sent an inflammatory response falsely labeling me a racist and xenophobe. When requested to present information to our committee regarding the numbers of affordable housing units being forced upon municipalities throughout this state by his organization, he refused to provide such information and ducked all requests to be transparent. Any municipality that has challenged his exorbitant housing numbers – which would result in overdevelopment and cause undue stress upon schools, sewers, infrastructure, environment and transportation – has been met with charges from him of racism, xenophobia and other inflammatory labels.

“The comptroller has the very crucial task of rooting out fraud, misrepresentation and bad governance by truly bad actors in the state. Unfortunately, he has repeatedly attacked, with fraudulent charges and misrepresentation of motives, anyone who disagreed with him on policy issues regarding overdevelopment in the most densely populated state in the nation. His track record calls into serious question his ability to perform this duty impartially, and I sincerely hope the members of the Senate ask the questions that need to be asked prior to any confirmation.”

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  1. Go Holly Go!!!

  2. As Barney Fife said. “Nip it in the bud”

  3. Why is there a Downes Tree Service dumpster on Bolger shite hole?

  4. we need the water checked

    Everyone is Pissed

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