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At 25% Capacity Restaurants still Can’t Make a Profit

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, Small Restaurants in New Jersey learned this morning from Governor Phil Murphy’s tweet that they will be allowed to open on Friday at 25% capacity for indoor dining. NFIB, which represents thousands of small businesses in the state, many of them restaurants, is pleased there is some movement on this issue but hopes if safe, there will be a quick expansion of the capacity limits. The following comments are from NFIB’s State Director in New Jersey, Eileen Kean:

“This has been a financial and emotional roller coaster for independent restaurant owners who were shuttered in March, then bought food in July when told they could reopen indoors, but that didn’t happen so they lost money and hope. Now months later, word comes from the Governor on Twitter they can reopen inside before Labor Day weekend, which is good but at 25% capacity they still can’t make a profit.”

“Many restaurants operate on narrow profit margins and only had a few months of cash reserves, so while loans and grants extended that, it has gone on so long that some had to close for good. Mostly those with savings, or who owned a building and didn’t have pay rent have lasted to this point. But they will only survive if they are safely able to increase to 50% and hopefully full capacity in short order.”

8 thoughts on “At 25% Capacity Restaurants still Can’t Make a Profit

  1. I wouldn’t go if it were 10%.

  2. A mix of inside and outside might help many restaurants at least for the time being. But it’s true-if a restaurant can’t support outdoor dining, this 25 percent limit is probably too anemic to allow the owner to make any profit.

  3. I only want to go when its 1%.
    I like to dine with my peers.

  4. Now that we have found out that 6% of the roughly 180k deaths in the US were actually from Covid, open the restaurants

  5. Now that the CDC has admitted less than 6% of the 180k that “died” from Covid, restaurants need a second chance!

  6. I took a ride through the CBD the other day there’s a lot of stores that have gone. I wonder how many vegan stores there are in the CBD.

  7. The CDC did not say that only 6% died of Covid. You need to start reading and thinking on your own. Understanding Simple statistics Helps.

    A family member died of pneumonia While being treated for terminal lung cancer. She was killed by cancer.

    1. lol , thanks for the laugh

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