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At it again , Stolen street signs draining Village budget


file photo by Boyd Loving

Updated May 7, 2015 6:25 PM

RIDGEWOOD – A seemingly innocent prank is costing one town a lot of money.

News 12 New Jersey first reported last summer that street signs have been disappearing from Ridgewood.  Town officials say the problem has gotten worse over the year.

Our budget is probably $15,000 a year. Unfortunately were spending all of our money on thefts, says Jim OConnell, of the Traffic and Signal Division. The $15,000 doesnt include man-hours, the wasted time our guys are out there when they could be doing other things.

7 thoughts on “At it again , Stolen street signs draining Village budget

  1. Must be out of towner’s Ridgewood kind are brought up right. Plus they are to busy playing sports.

  2. Possibly the parents of these chidden would like to contribute for replacing these sings after seeing them in the son or daughters bedroom. But i doubt it.

  3. Yes, I’m sure that many a kids bedroom in the Ridgewood area is adorned with these stolen signs. Sure, the parents see them, but hey, it’s just kids being expressive, right?

  4. No, its ok for the kids to have then because these parent pay high taxes to live in ridgewood. Its part of their right of passage.

  5. this shit has been going on for many years.

  6. …sounds to me like Roberta needs to hire a Street Sign Inventory Czar

  7. Thanks 4:46 you know they all read and post on this blog. Its a sure thing that will will have on now

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