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Barnstable Students Strolled the Orange Carpet and Welcomed the Academy’s 45th School Year

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Oakland NJ, Barnstable Academy students celebrated like stars last month when they graced a long-elegant carpet leading to an entrance flanked by balloons to mark the start of its 45th school year.

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“We rolled out the orange carpet to signify this milestone,” said Ashley Crowley, Barnstable Academy Head of School.  “Why wait for 50 when you can celebrate 45? We are proud of our Barnstable’s history and our growth and kicked the year off honoring our everyday stars – our students.”

The official start of Barnstable Academy’s 45th school year was September 8, 2022. The anniversary will be marked with a celebration and scholarship fundraiser next year. Crowley is currently assembling an alumni committee and searching for graduates in preparation for a March 16, 2023, anniversary celebration. Alumni can find more information here where they can also sign up for email updates.

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Barnstable Academy was founded in 1978 and since then graduated more than 800 students. Barnstable‘s first school year commenced with the graduation of just one senior. Barnstable’s 2021-2022 senior class of 28 graduates was its largest to date. Barnstable Academy’s mission is to maximize the potential of each student by enhancing self-esteem and providing a high-quality, academically oriented education where students are recognized and supported.

Crowley became Barnstable’s Sixth Head of School this Spring after serving as assistant director for three years. Crowley’s father David John Salembier, Jr. co-founded the school in 1978 and served as the first head of the school through 2007. Salembier met his wife, Leslie, a Barnstable Academy math teacher, soon after the school opened. With her parents working at the school, Crowley spent much of her childhood at the school and today uses the same desk her father used when he served as a Head of School.

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“Barnstable has a rich history rooted in relationships and bringing out the best in people,” Crowley said. “I am a product of two people who were committed to that. Barnstable is my second home, and I can’t wait to celebrate all the ways our school has changed people’s lives.”

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