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Bergen County Executive James Tedesco Advises Residents on Use of Face Coverings

Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco

the staff of the Ridgewod blog

Hackensack NJ, As we continue the battle against COVID-19, we continue to keep Bergen County residents informed of current events on a federal, state and local level. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the US authority on coronavirus protocols and protection against COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, will soon issue new guidelines recommending the general public to wear face coverings in public as an added measure of protection.

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found those infected with coronavirus can spread the disease for one to three days before showing symptoms of the illness. Covering your nose and mouth is a basic way of avoiding the spread of germs. The use of face covering in public would be an additional measure and not a substitute for critical social distancing guidelines.

The US Surgeon General also tweeted that the shortage of PPE, that is personal protective equipment, especially N95 and surgical masks, has played a vital role in exploring new recommendations. This has significant implications for our healthcare workers, who are on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 and are lacking the (PPE) they need.

Experts advise, however, that while the homemade face covering alternatives can create a loose-fitting barrier that may mitigate the spread of some germs, they are not designed to block the spread of COVID-19, so you should still follow social distancing guidelines and stay home if you can. Experts also advise that when you are out in public, you do not necessarily need the mask, unless you yourself are sick. If you are or suspect you may be sick, or have had contact with a sick person, then it is advised that you do not go out in public.

8 thoughts on “Bergen County Executive James Tedesco Advises Residents on Use of Face Coverings

  1. We should be on lock down for 14 days , we need to get rid of this my daughter is a nurse 😉 she is tired and scared this needs to end 🙏🏻

  2. This is the most idiotic ruling to date.
    It ONLY servers to heighten fear and anxiety and make people feel good by actually doing something even if it is useless.

  3. Acme in Saddle Brook has employees (including the store manager) without masks and/or gloves. Are you kidding us? You can die if you want but it is inconsiderate and lethal for us the customers. We need a national lockdown! We need ALL to wear the appropriate masks and gloves to save lives.

  4. People need to stay home. Minimal exposure is the best way. When we go to the food store we need to get in and get out. Not enough people in New Jersey are taking this seriously. I am a nurse and have been watching people
    This is serious.

  5. How can we get masks if there is none in any store
    I tried to buy any online and the closest delivery time is at least 4 weeks , also bad quality masks . We all must stay home for at least 2 weeks to stop this madness

  6. yes kind of pointless to say these things now, since you cannot find gloves or masks … gone with the wind, just like all the toilet paper. Today I had to go to CVS to pick up an essential item at the pharmacy for my daughter. This was not available online after days of searching various sites so I went to a bricks and mortar store as a Hail Mary. Good news is, crisis averted, I was able to find what I needed- maybe since people are moving to online shopping? Bad news is, most of us are fooling ourselves that we know how to use gloves and masks properly to remain completely ‘untouched’. Even medical professionals need training. At the insistence of my other half, I used my ski mask and some home cleaning gloves. It felt a little ridiculous and I did get a snort from another CVS patron who had neither masks or gloves. No offense taken; I felt like I was dressed to go rob a bank anyway. I can tell you there is no way I didn’t touch my bare hand or put gloved (and potentially exposed to virus) hand on a ‘clean’ surface at one point. I just washed my hands really well when I got home.

  7. I think that keeping your mouth and nose covered when out in public has to be better than doing nothing at all. Its our only line of defense in this anxious time.

  8. Hey Jim?
    Put a sock in it and check your ego at the door…
    This isn’t your call anymore and the more you blather with conflicting information the the GOVERNOR is issuing the more people are getting confused.
    The governor is in charge NOT YOU.

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