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Bergen County Reports Total of 1505 COVID-19 Cases as of Friday

Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco

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Hackensack NJ, As of 6:00 PM Friday, March 27th, Bergen County has 1505 total presumptive positive cases of COVID-19 identified, impacting 67 municipalities.  We have sadly lost 25 of those residents and the County of Bergen mourns their loss and offers condolences to their loved ones.

The county released the following chart and town matrix showing the case count and increase from March 4th to March 26th (note: the below graphic does not include Friday’s cases, and the matrix is not dated; the first column is March 1st and the rest are March 14th-March 26th)

Bergen Graph




Please continue to practice preventative measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, such as washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, practice social distancing and staying home if you feel sick.
Bergen County Health Hotline: (201)-225-7000. For additional resources please visit:

This is an ever evolving situation and will continue to provide important information. Help us to share facts, not fear.

**Please note that numbers may vary due to varied reporting times from both the State and local municipalities; as well pending case verifications and/or county attribution by NJDOH.

The statewide COVID-19 case count as of 1pm Saturday March 28th has topped 10,000, and now stands at 11,124 and a total of 140 fatalities, an increase of 32 deaths in the past 24 hours.

Cases by County
Data is provisional and subsequent to revision.

2,478 Positives Pending Further Information

Bergen County:

1838 Positive Test Result(s)

Essex County:

1086 Positive Test Result(s)

Middlesex County:

808 Positive Test Result(s)

Monmouth County:

781 Positive Test Result(s)

Hudson County:

771 Positive Test Result(s)

Union County:

742 Positive Test Result(s)

Ocean County:

624 Positive Test Result(s)

Passaic County:

608 Positive Test Result(s)

Morris County:

442 Positive Test Result(s)

Somerset County:

258 Positive Test Result(s)

Mercer County:

168 Positive Test Result(s)

Camden County:

123 Positive Test Result(s)

Burlington County:

115 Positive Test Result(s)

Sussex County:

81 Positive Test Result(s)

Hunterdon County:

61 Positive Test Result(s)

Gloucester County:

51 Positive Test Result(s)

Warren County:

51 Positive Test Result(s)

Atlantic County:

17 Positive Test Result(s)

Cumberland County:

11 Positive Test Result(s)

Cape May County:

7 Positive Test Result(s)

Salem County:

3 Positive Test Result(s)

5 thoughts on “Bergen County Reports Total of 1505 COVID-19 Cases as of Friday

  1. I take exception to the line: “stay home IF YOU FEEL SICK” Covid19 is transmissible when asymptomatic. Our county hospitals are on DIVERT status! People must ALL stay home! Please clarify we have entered true crisis phase w hospitals shut. ALL MUST STAY HOME FOR ALL TO BE SAFE.

    REPORT THIS!!!!!!!!

  2. For what’s going on they are saying at least another week or so to hit peak. Everyone be safe just take caution.

  3. “All must stay home.”

    Cite the law that requires this.

  4. “Total (Cumulative) Positive Cases since Inception” is largely a useless number.
    What is the count of Resolved “cured” Cases?
    What is the count of CURRENT OPEN cases (Total positive – Total Resolved)
    What is the daily average positive case count – Is it steady, declining, increasing?
    How does this compare to the daily number of tests? Is the tested to positive test ratio remaining constant? increasing? decreasing?
    How does this compare to the daily number of resolved cases? Is Resolved to positive case ratio remaining constant? increasing? decreasing?
    The ONLY use that the “Cumulative Positive Case Count” has is to rachet up fear and hysteria. (and then use that fear and hysteria to implement an agenda)

  5. Another two weeks away the wave will pass, well we are up. Time will tell. We need to be patient and smart. Not just go back to work and walk around Like nothings going on.

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