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Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino Special Guest Speaker at Tonight’s NJTPC Meeting


Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino Special Guest Speaker at Tonight’s NJTPC Meeting  
March 19, 2013

Special guest speaker – Sheriff Michael Saudino

Sheriff Michael Saudino is a 51-year resident of Bergen County and a 38-year veteran of law enforcement. He spent the last nine years of his career as Chief of Police in the Borough of Emerson. Under his watch, Emerson has stayed a safe and prosperous town to live and work in. Sheriff Saudino has always made it a priority to be responsible with public money – he has done so by keeping his operating budgets low while still providing the highest levels of service to the community.

NJTPC General Meeting – 7:00 pm
124 Essex Street, Rochelle Park, NJ – Harley Davidson Building

(Go to the back, through the gate and up the stairs to the second floor meeting room)   Those who can, please bring snacks, cookies or brownies to share. Bring a friend!

Almost One-Third of State Sheriffs’ Organizations Now Oppose Obama Gun Control

According to a recent Washington Examiner article, a total of 14 sheriffs’ associations now oppose President Obama’s proposed gun control measures.

The article notes that sheriffs’ associations in South Carolina, California and, most recently, Nevada, have joined thegrowing group of other state associations in demanding that Obama stop going after law-abiding gun owners and instead focus on improving the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

“We have all seen what persons who have mental illness, who are users of illegal controlled substances, or are members of criminal gangs can do with weapons in their hands; any weapons, not just firearms.  As it currently stands, many of these individuals are not entered into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System for a whole variety of reasons.  This must be addressed at the national, state and local levels,” said the Nevada sheriffs.

“The sheriffs of the state of Nevada do not believe that the answer to this issue includes making criminals out of otherwise law-abiding individuals. As the old saying goes, ‘As guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.’ The answer lies within a myriad of approaches including education, addressing violence, keeping firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill, criminal gang members, and illegal controlled substance users, as well as prosecuting and incarcerating those who would use firearms to commit crimes.”


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