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Bibillia in Ridgewood offers fresh and healthy fast-casual Korean food


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Ridgewood NJ, we noticed the other day a Korean restaurant on Chestnut street called Bibillia . I don’t know how we missed this place but it was absolutely fantastic . Bibillia offers fresh and healthy fast-casual Korean food .The fusion menu is pretty simple yet there are lots of options appealing to both the health oriented and Korean food aficionado.

It works cafeteria style and is great for either take out or sit down . The eager staff can help you select the right meal . There is wifi so coworking over food instead of a coffee shop  is certainly a possibility.


The menu is designed around Bibimbap (bee-beem-bahp) is a very popular Korean dish that means “mixed rice”. Often it is served with rice, meat, and assorted vegetables and herbs. However, the recipe differs from region to region in Korea. As a result, a bowl of bibimbap may be packed with aromatic herbs, freshly caught seafood, or mouth-watering Korean barbeque depending on the region. Sometimes, bibimbap is served in a hot stone bowl called “Dol-Sot” or sometimes in a metal bowl.

Bibillia, serves the traditional Korean bibimbap with a twist by preserving the unique Korean taste using some non-Korean ingredients .

What makes Bibillia special is the huge emphasis on two major beliefs:

1) Your health is important and  Bibillia,  uses the best ingredients with no MSG

2)  Bibillia, offers delicious high quality meals prepared quickly.

Bibillia is open Monday to Sunday 11 am to 9 pm , 16 Chestnut Street, Ridgewood, NJ 07450  , Phone 201-857-8597

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3 thoughts on “Bibillia in Ridgewood offers fresh and healthy fast-casual Korean food

  1. Bibillia has delicious food and friendly knowledgeable staff. Strongly recommend this establishment owned by a Ridgewood High School grad!

  2. How are the prices, Because that’s all I care about

  3. February 22, 2024 – This unfortunately appears to now be closed. The food was very good, and the owner very personable. Sorry to see it go.

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