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Bidenomics Leads to Higher Unemployment for African Americans

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Washington DC , the August jobs report was disappointing and for no group more than blacks. The African Americans unemployment rate ROSE in August from 8.6% to 8.8% even though there are 10 million open jobs.

African Americans have by far the highest unemployment rates of any race as seen in the table below. We are not sure what explains this rise in joblessness, given that surveys show half of all small businesses have job openings they couldn’t fill last month.

August Unemployment Rates by Race

All Americans    5.2%

White                    4.5%

Black                      8.8%

Asian                     4.6%

Hispanic               6.4%

Source: BLS, August, 2021.

This is quite a reversal of fortune for African Americans . After the Trump tax cuts, black incomes surged, black unemployment fell to its lowest level in 50 years, as did the black poverty rate. It’s less than a year into the Biden presidency, but so far blacks have hardly prospered under Bidenomics.

4 thoughts on “Bidenomics Leads to Higher Unemployment for African Americans

  1. Our taxes are going to go way up.

  2. But, but, Trump was a racist. It’s settled science. CNN told me so.

  3. The plan is working perfectly….

    Keep them unemployed and dependent upon Government handouts
    (and voting for those who are doling out the $$$)

  4. Consider the amount of socialism in the Democrats pending “Build Back Better” multi-trillion dollar spending package (it’s nothing more than a massive welfare bill).
    They’re hoping to vote on this piece of socialist garbage on September 27th. But don’t worry..if the Democrats get it to pass then only the rich are going to get soaked to pay for it..UNTIL the Democrats have to lower the threshold and tax the middle class to pay for it..because there aren’t enough rich people this side of the moon to pay for this obscene multi-trillion dollar welfare spending proposal.
    So keep voting Democrat and they will give the unemployed enough money to stay home. And eventually the middle class will wind up paying for it.
    I suppose the current unemployment data suggests that some people are already buying into “why should I get a job when I can vote Democrat and get paid to stay home and play video games”. And that’s socialism in it’s worst form. It will be the demise of the USA. Everything will tank without a majority working population contributing to payroll taxes. Democrat “leadership” will then have to overtax the working middle class (higher income tax, higher property tax, higher taxes on utilities, new “revenue raisers” hey they have to call it something catchy) to try and keep the socialist boat from sinking.
    Economics 101: the government can’t keep printing money endlessly. So if they are going to hand out massive welfare to some people then they’ve got to tax other people to pay for it!
    So please think, think alot, before you vote to put another irresponsible, socialist, “progressive” Democrat into office.

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