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Black Lives Matter : Apologists For Cuba’s Discriminatory Failed Communist Dictatorship

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Ridgewood NJ, even the liberal fact-checking site Politifact admits that one of the three female Black Lives Matter co-founders have declared that she and another co-founder “are trained Marxists.” But they quickly add that “the movement has grown and broadened dramatically” since then. Many youths in upper middle class Ridgewood bought into this group with parental encouragement hook line and sinker .

File this under dumb as a box of rocks. In a major miscue Black Lives Matter issued a statement Wednesday blaming the U.S. for the conditions have driven many in Cuba to attend anti-government protests. BLM claims the “cruel and inhumane” U.S., lies “at the heart” of Cuba’s turmoil.

“The people of Cuba are being punished by the U.S. government because the country has maintained its commitment to sovereignty and self-determination,” the BLM manifesto concludes.

Actually, the people of Cuba who are yelling “Libertad!” and waving American flags . In the streets blame their condition on a government which can’t run a functioning economy, that is running out of food, and can’t even provide enough Chinese or Russian-made COVID vaccines.

BLM praises Cuba’s dictatorship for showing “solidarity with oppressed peoples of African descent.” Failing to recognize that one of Cuba’s revolutionary hero’s Ernesto “Che” Guevara was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, who was a flaming racist . Cuba has been a horrendous human rights abuser, a notorious persecutor of gays for most of the Communist rule, and has long discriminated against black Cubans in jobs (how many dark-skinned Cubans do you see working at the elite tourist hotels?).

Black Lives Matter has now been officially exposed as nothing more than a Marxist front group – and we hope the dupes on the left that continue to put BLM signs in front of their yards will now take them down.

Senator Rubio responded to the bogus BLM narrative in a tweet by saying :

Senator Rubio

5 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter : Apologists For Cuba’s Discriminatory Failed Communist Dictatorship

  1. I like the BLM signs that also say “science is real.” And if you asked these people they would tell you there is no such thing as male and female. Do these people have any idea that they are really promoting barbarism? Ayn Rand had it right when she said that evil is hatred of the good for being good.”

  2. The worm has turned, moderate Dems are calling out the Socialist Dems like AOC.

    Stephen A Smith comes out with anti-asian rhetoric and Cornel West outsmarted himself and lost his job at Harvard.

    You can’t have it both ways.

    Oh yeah, the NFL is now going to play the Black “National Anthem” before each game.

  3. The black national anthem should only be played in the country it came from. The population of the United States has many races who came from other countries that have national anthems also. One races anthem should not be singled out, that is racism. The NFL is doing a disservice to all the races. Some of these players are very disrespectful to our anthem and flag. My suggestion is don’t play any anthem cause you all are RACIST.

  4. The DNC is making moves to the center following the election “win”. They needed all the extremists but now they need to throw a little cold water on them as they were getting a little bit too much support. Bottom line, the loons on the ultra left will always vote D, but it’s that all-important center that they need to keep hold of.

  5. BLM are the racist ones.
    Same goes for the Communist wing of the Democrat party.

    EVERYONE knows this… but ignores it.

    It’s Settled Science.

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