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>BOE Approves 2008 Tuition Rate Estimates

Tuition rate estimates for the 2007-2008 school year were approved by BOE members during Monday night’s meeting:

* Half-day Kindergarten: $9,300
* Grades 1-5: $12,200
* Grades 6-8: $13,300
* Grades 9-12: $12,200
* Learning/Language Disabled: $27,300
* Full-Day Preschool Disabled: $27,600
* Kindergarten Resource Center: $22,700
* Resource Center, Grades 1-5: $25,600
* Resource Center, Grades 6-8: $26,700
* Resource Center, Grades 9-12: $25,600
* Autistic: $63,000

Estimates are based on calculations required by the NJ Department of
Education and are subject to future adjustments.

4 thoughts on “>BOE Approves 2008 Tuition Rate Estimates

  1. >But, of course, the teacher’s children can attend Ridgewood’s schools and this costs them nothing. What, overall, does this benefit cost Ridgewood? How many teachers live outside of Ridgewood but have children attending the schools? In light of the above projected shortfall, should the Village Council be considering charging the teachers SOMETHING?

    Does anyone know what the % paid by non-resident Village employess is for children attending?

  2. >Would someone please explain what the Resource Center is and what the total expenditures for it are? Thank you.

  3. >Carol, you’re right!
    This is an old fight and still the BOE resists the change.
    Charge the teachers at least half.

  4. >stop spending my tax money on fake grass.

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