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Boy 9 Struck by Car in Ridgewood

ridgewood police

file photo by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The 9 year old child who was struck by a vehicle early yesterday afternoon at the intersection of South Van Dien and Spring Avenues sustained a non-life threatening leg injury and was treated at The Valley Hospital.

8 thoughts on “Boy 9 Struck by Car in Ridgewood

  1. Hope he’s going to be ok. Course definitely need to slow down on Spring Avenue.

  2. What time of day did this occur…?

  3. On Spring Avenue they should install speed humps like they have on South broad to slow down the traffic. We had numerous accidents with fatalities. We don’t need anymore.

  4. “We had numerous accidents with fatalities” How many on Spring Ave. ? What your source of information?

  5. Was he walking or riding a bike perhaps…?

  6. Hold up, people are getting killed regularly on Spring Avenue?
    You wanna clarify that shorty?

  7. It is a four way stop signed inter-section. It don’t need no sped bumps, but it might help if the north side got rid of all the foliage. It be a big problem seeing stuff coming up spring, and that intersection ain’t straight, it be crooked.

  8. Isn’t there an ordinance requiring bushes that block views at corners to be cut so there is a 45 degree view?
    Who enforces this> do they only enforce it if someone calls or do they bother to look out the window of their cars while driving around every day

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