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Building Department makes $2100 mistake on permit application submitted by Councilwoman Lorraine Reynolds

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by the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, earlier this year, Councilwoman Lorraine Reynolds and her husband James submitted an application to the Village’s Building Department for a bathroom renovation at a rental property they jointly own on Ackerman Avenue.

After reviewing the permit application, Building Department employees advised Mr. & Ms. Reynolds that a “C” Variance would be required for the project, which would necessitate a public hearing before the Village’s Zoning Board of Adjustment.  The Reynolds subsequently incurred approximately $2100 in expenses related to the preparation of a complete “C” Variance application.

During the Reynolds’ scheduled Zoning Board of Adjustment public hearing, it was determined that a more complex and costly “D” Variance would be required for the project, not a “C” Variance as was originally thought.  Mr. & Ms. Reynolds decided not to proceed with the planned renovation based upon the additional costs that would be associated with submitting a “D” Variance application.

A resolution was passed during this past Wednesday’s Village Council meeting granting Councilwoman Reynolds and her husband reimbursement to the tune of $2100 due to an “plan review” error made by Building Department employees.

So, the staff of The Ridgewood Blog now wonders if the Building Department is so sloppy that they screw up the application of a Village Council member, what level of service is being provided to taxpayers who have no juice at all?

11 thoughts on “Building Department makes $2100 mistake on permit application submitted by Councilwoman Lorraine Reynolds

  1. When the lights go on, the cockroaches run and hide.

  2. Have they ever refunded the money to anyone else who were given wrong info by the building department??

  3. did reynolds recuse on the vote?
    never heard of any other applicants getting refunds from the village for this type of variance.

    this thing reeks.

  4. Tony Merlino the gift that keeps on giving.

  5. Yes. Councilwoman Reynolds recused herself from the vote.

  6. no harm, no foul. All much ado about nothing.

  7. The Buildings Department is useless. They’re jerking people around. I’ve been waiting for five months and all I get are excuses, and no replies to emails. My tax dollars at work.

  8. Doesn’t it set a precedent?
    Did the insurance company for errors and omission insurance pay for it?

  9. If anyone here has been jerked around by the building dept, I’ll gladly tell you where they have ignored NUMEROUS requests to enforce the following laws:
    Massive # of vehicles parked on what ‘was’ a lawn.. (includes commercial vehicles) at a residence
    Structures too close to property lines
    Paving more than allowed % of property
    Driveway width exceeding allowable amount front footage at the curb
    So when you selectively enforce zoning…. is it called ‘selective enforcement’?

  10. building and engineering department need an over hall. CR is at rock bottom and needs to be replaced. too many favors and looking the other way with these developers, enough is enough

  11. What on earth was so complicated about this bathroom? Levitating toilet, perhaps?

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