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Can An Online Review Boost Your Brand’s Credibility?

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In today’s day and age, society is shifting towards an online environment. This means that companies who sell products and offer services have to cater to an online dynamic to find success in the business world. The online world also offers a new feature in the form of reviews. These can be written by anyone and can either help your company or destroy it. Here are some ways that an online review can boost the credibility of your brand:

Reviews Drive Purchases

Have you ever been in a position comparing products online and choose the one that had the higher review? Most people will do this and will tend to conform to what society has determined to be “the better product” via reviews. According to, having reviews helps consumers make rational informed decisions. When a product is heavily reviewed, it can ensure customers that they are making the right choice. Along with this, having reviews on your products can increase sales up to 50% or more in comparison to competitors. Therefore, it is essential that you practice good customer service skills to get these reviews. While it is illegal to pay for reviews, try to give your customers incentives for completing a review such as a small contest within the company itself. An online review will boost your brand’s credibility and increase its sales dramatically when compared to similar products.

Reviews Make you More Visible

When you are a fresh brand, it is very hard for you to gain traction and be seen by other people. If people search for your product, you have often buried fifty pages deep in the search engine, never to be discovered. When people begin to write reviews about your company, however, you get boosted up in that regard. Reviews work as a form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you get reviews written for your company as these will help you appear more to other customers while also making you seem more credible as a company. Get reviews written about you to boost your credibility and appearance with Search Engine Optimization.

Reviews Build Trust

If you are a company with very minimal reviews about your product, customers are going to be skeptical about what you do and the products that you offer. A place with very few reviews, even if they are well-rated, cannot be trusted. Often small-time companies will have their friends and family leave reviews on their business to help build the reputation. Not only that, but companies can also remove and delete reviews at times. If you see a company with a high rating, but very few reviews, you need to be skeptical about them. Looking at the other end of the spectrum, a company with thousands of reviews is one that you know that you can trust as there have been many people before you who have tried the product. With these reviews, you can build brand credibility and make the decision that much easier for customers looking to buy. Reviews make you look that much more trustworthy when compared to other companies.

Negative Reviews Speak Towards Company Honesty

As mentioned above, there are many companies that will work to delete negative reviews and erase them from existence. Understand that you cannot appeal to everyone with your product and that there are going to be some people by nature who will dislike it. From there, some will unfortunately come and leave a negative review for all to see. If you find yourself getting a lot of negative reviews, you need to look into changing your product, however, if you are only getting a few, this can help to build your credibility. By having these reviews, people can see that your company is honest and willing to accept the negative. If all of your reviews are positive, people will begin to start to wonder if you have manufactured the reviews. When you get these negative reviews, look to comment on them as well and see if you can help the consumer. This level of authenticity with the customer can build up a strong level of credibility with others showing that you are a company ready to work with people. Even negative reviews can help you become more credible online.

Reviews are an essential part of any online business. They can help to give you more sales, they can make you more visible, they can build trust with your customers, and finally, even negative reviews can make you authentic and credible. Always look to offer a good product and provide assistance to those who are having trouble with what you are offering. By doing this, you can ensure that your brand stays credible. What service or product do you offer?

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  1. The short answer is yes. Similarly a bad review can hurt as well…

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