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Candidates Night for Municipal Election


Candidates Night for Municipal Election – Tuesday, April 29th at 7:30PM

Meet the 3 candidates for Village Council and hear their views!

The League of Women Voters is holding Candidates Night for the Village Council on Tuesday, April 29 at The Village Hall , Fourth Floor, 131 North Maple Avenue at 7:30.. There are three candidates vying for two open Village Council seats: James Albano, Susan Knudsen and Michael Sedon. There will also be television coverage on Channel 77 for Cablevision users and Channel 34 for Fios users. The League of Women Voters of Ridgewood is a NON PARTISAN, yet political organization whose members become active and informed participants in government.

The Ridgewood Municipal Election will take place Tuesday, May 13.

8 thoughts on “Candidates Night for Municipal Election

  1. Interesting night, I’ll try to make it…… thanks.

  2. Thank you to the League for putting this together.

  3. Are you still allowed to drive at night 1#?

  4. The lawn signs are out.

    It looks like Lodi out there.

    Hashtag Make It Stop

  5. Mr. Albano’s people have hijacked the RBSA and Ridgewood High School Baseball e-mail address lists. It seems somewhat presumptuous to assume that just because your kid played baseball that we’d vote for a single issue candidate with few other qualifications.

  6. Will Aronsohn leap up at the end with the rallying cry, “Vote for Jim Albano, my lackey #3!”? That’s what he did in 2012 to the gasps of the assembled multitude. Now we’re stuck with him, Hauck, and Pucciarelli for another two years. Then all three of them will be thrown out if they attempt to run again. Unfortunately, a lot of damage will have been done by then.

  7. I agree with #4. Lawn signs shouldn’t be out much more than a week before the election. Perhaps one of the victors could introduce this as an ordinance?

    1. I believe its called the democratic process , with the Village on the verge of being destroyed people seem to looking to the Village hall with renewed vigor

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