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Can’t Go to the Gym? Here’s How to Exercise at Home

Exercising at home is more important than ever; globally, we are facing strict restrictions on our movement, and because of this, it is important we exercise at home, being that we are not able to exercise in the gym. Additionally, the SARS-CoV-19 virus that is responsible for this lockdown is known for taking the lives of those that live unhealthily. This is even more of a reason to exercise, as if we do not exercise, we are more likely to be affected severely by the virus. Exercise is very important.

But, in spite of its importance, many people still fail to exercise, and by neglecting exercise, jeopardize their health and their futures. Some do not exercise simply out of a lack of interest, and others do not exercise because they do not know how: this page will hope to tell you how you can exercise at home and a few routines and exercises to include in your routine so that you can get started and start getting healthier.

Can’t go to the gym? Well, this page will now tell you how you can exercise at home and stay healthy during these troubling times.

Create an Exercise Zone

When you intend to exercise at home, it is important that you create an environment that is conducive to exercise, and that can motivate you. If you simply have your living room to exercise in, assuming you are not an inherently motivated person, then you will likely end up sitting down, eating snacks, and watching television, as opposed to exercising. However, if you have a room designated for exercise, then you will be more likely to motivate yourself and go in there for strenuous exercise. Create yourself an exercise zone first and foremost; can’t go to the gym? Bring the gym to you.

To Create Your Own or to Follow?

When it comes to exercise routines, there are two camps; the do-it-yourselves and the followers. You must decide whether or not you want to create your own tailored exercise routine that is specific to you and works out parts of your body that you believe need the most attention, or to follow a guide that has already been created and has proved successful in helping other people. According to the exercise specialists of, you do not need a gym to get fit and can get fit at home through a series of bodyweight exercises, no equipment necessary. So whether you decide to create your own routine – or follow a ready-made bodyweight routine, just ensure you take up regular exercise. The remainder of this article will tell you how you can make your own routine, should you want to.

Creating a Routine

Creating your own routine is not something easily done. It requires a considerable amount of preparation and planning, as well as meticulous research. You must establish which parts of your body require the most attention, and then decide how you are going to get that attention to them.

Bodyweight Exercises

One of the most popular ways of home workouts is bodyweight exercises. There is a huge diversity of bodyweight exercises, and you can work out more or less every single part of your body with them. Some of the most popular are push-ups and sit-ups, abdominal crunches; squats; dips; pull-ups. By including these in your exercise routine, you will give yourself strength and endurance, and providing you regularly perform these, will quickly see a change in your body and stamina. These exercises, in combination with other bodyweight exercises and machine exercises, can give you strength and confidence.

Machine Exercises

As well as performing bodyweight exercises, performing machine exercises at home can be very beneficial. In combination, the two can help you to get the body that you want and help you to achieve your fitness goals. Admittedly, it can be expensive when buying machinery to exercise at home, but it will certainly be worth it and will help you to get a lot healthier and to improve your life and the quality thereof. Exercise machines are definitely to be considered when you are sorting out your own fitness plan.


Above all, a determination is necessary for exercising at home. You can have all of the machinery in the world and know all of the bodyweight exercises under the sun, if you are not determined and motivated, you will do nothing and go nowhere. Motivate yourself and stay determined – you can achieve what you hope to achieve.

Now, with the help of this page, you know the fundamental foundations of exercising at home and creating your own home workout. Exercising at home is great and is much needed during these troubling times. We are amidst a global health crisis – exercise just might save your life.

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