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Car Thieves : “We need more under cover patrols throughout the night”

Adam 12

“The last car crew that was stealing cars in our area was not from Patterson. They were from Elizabeth and Newark. They found a few cars and a few of the thieves they were putting the cars in containers and they were going overseas. They were not being chopped up like in the 70s. Well that’s what the least news said. We need more under cover patrols throughout the night. Maybe we need to have more but he’s working at night then during the day I don’t know. But let’s keep our cops in our towns. Maybe we need to bring in all the other law agencies to cover Their responsibilities. We should not be covering major highways. Every time there’s a major accident the local towns are there first. The state police burn county units just drive by. This is ridiculous. Maybe we should hire a private investigator to look into this issue. Many people were not like that right.”

5 thoughts on “Car Thieves : “We need more under cover patrols throughout the night”

  1. Or, um, lock you cars and/or put your cars in your garage (if applicable).

  2. Can’t wait until the GINORMOUS GARAGE is built and puts an end to car theft in Ridgewood!

  3. Yeah ok , it will never stop.

  4. this is not rocket science

    Police should be patrolling

    There are no cars parked after 2 pm

    Perfect set up

  5. Yes but when they Sitting at rt 17 for hours pulling people over for speeding this is what happens. They know this is true ,this is why they are not posting. But don’t worry Many higher-ups are reading this.

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