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Carve that Pumpkin for Halloween


photo Ward’s Farm Pumpkin Patch Route 17 North Ridgewood

Carve that Pumpkin for Halloween

carved by William Thomas

13 thoughts on “Carve that Pumpkin for Halloween

  1. Yes it was fun carving pumpkins with my family. Stop & Shop had a real good selection.

  2. DAVE & Peter are Great boys

  3. They should donate the rest of those pumpkins to the soup kitchen so They can make some pumpkin pie

  4. Any thing on sale at the farm.

  5. Are they serving any cider or treats.

  6. How about pumpkin pie. ??

  7. Do the have cider dounuts , yummy yummy,

  8. wow.
    That is the most orderly pumpkin patch I’ve ever seen!
    How do they get them to grow in such straight rows? 🙂

  9. Squirrels loved carved out pumpkins…just sayin’…

  10. The place is always nice and neat.

  11. Pete always has the best haircut.

  12. Enjoy reliving that memory of the trip to Stop & Shop

  13. Hey How about pumpkin spice bread

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