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Christie: Obama to blame if compromise not reached on federal budget cuts

Chris Christie

Christie: Obama to blame if compromise not reached on federal budget cuts
Wednesday February 27, 2013, 12:51 PM
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Governor Christie said President Obama must take the blame if he is unable to reach an agreement with members of Congress that would halt automatic budget cuts, set to take affect Friday.

“The person that has to shoulder the blame is the President, because he’s the one we elect to lead,” Christie during an event in Montville Wednesday morning.

A resident asked Christie, who has worked with Democrats to pass legislation in New Jersey, why he isn’t calling Obama and offering advice for how to deal with the budget cuts, known as sequester.

“I find it kind of hard to believe that we can’t find $44 billion to cut in a $3.6 trillion budget and not bring America to its knees,” Christie said.

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10 thoughts on “Christie: Obama to blame if compromise not reached on federal budget cuts

  1. The republicans have nothing to do with it.

  2. Republican gave Obama the biggest tax inxcrease in history 8 weeks ago. The Sequester was supposed to be about SPENDING CUTS. The Republicans in Congress have approved measures to allow Obama to use more discretion with spending cuts. But, he is refusing the Republican measures and insisting on additional tax increases to fund EVEN MORE SPENDING. He is not serious about reducing expenses and is reneging on the policy that he created and the agreement that, after getting tax increases, the next step would be spending reductions. Somehow, he is trying to blame the Republicans.

    Yes…the Republicans have nothing to do with the current lack of agreement. Obama’s word simply cannot be trusted.

  3. God help our country and our children.

  4. There is no god

  5. #2 you also cannot trust republican politicians. Both parties singed on to this bull so they can equally share the blame.

    1. Except that the Republicans are trying to adhere to the plan. Don’t get me wrong. I hate politicians and am disgusted with both parties these days. There are bad actors on both sides of the isle. But, the current administration’s agenda is reckless and could cause irepparable harm to to the country’s finances.

  6. Does this mean that Christie will take all of the blame for problems in NJ? Surely it would be his fault, ” because he’s the one we elect to lead”. No blaming the state legislature now Chrissie.

  7. Rob, good luck to you.

  8. Obama and the Democrats created this problem…
    They are implementing their policy goals.

    The Republican leadership often is too weak to advocate for their own policy goals and relents to Obama and the Democrats.

    You can say that they are both are to blame, but the reality is that backing the Democrats always results in destructive policies being implemented, while backing the Republicans at least gives you the possibility of limiting destructive policies or implementing productive ones.

  9. Obama did an excellent job of setting this all up. Every negative economic datapoint here on out will be blamed on Congress. And the depressing thing is that the public will believe it.

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