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Civility Roundtable – January 20th


Civility Roundtable – January 20th – All are Welcome!

Mayor Paul Aronsohn will be holding a Roundtable meeting to discuss related to more civility in our public discourse. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 20th at 7:30pm in the Senior Lounge at Village Hall.

Rev. Jan Phillips will lead the discussion. We will drill down on ways to take the civility conversation forward.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

9 thoughts on “Civility Roundtable – January 20th

  1. “We will drill down” Is there some kind of book that these people get these phrases from. Double Down, Drill down, Set the bar, Transparency. Moving forward. Did I miss any? Please feel free to enlighten me .

  2. Does that civility in this Blog — I hope so.

  3. Correction
    does that civility include this Blog ? That would be refreshing.

    1. it can start with you !

  4. Let the games begin!

  5. Count on it, Mr. Pucciarelli will be there as a third council member in defiance of the OPMA law, per usual.

  6. Is the Mayor inviting a public protest? They must be sorely tired of taking on anonymous blog commenters and are now desperate to smoke a few of their detractors out of their caves for purposes of uncivil public villification. OTOH, to allow the Mayor to even think he is defining the terms of this debate by conducting multiple successive non-public public cumbaya meetings without friction or any sign of philosophical opposition to his agenda seems risky too. Persistent and pesky is this Aronsohn. But ultimately, I think the Force is not strong with this one.

  7. May the force be with you James.

  8. And the Ridgewood Blog.

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