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Congressman Van Drew Outraged Over Massive Toll Increases on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway


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Ridgewood NJ,  Congressman Van Drew expressed his outrage with the decision by Governor Murphy to approve the increase in tolls on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway for the third year in a row.

“Yet again, New Jerseyans are facing the repercussions of state officials playing politics by refusing to find real solutions to lower the costs of goods and services,” said Congressman Van Drew. “Instead of proposing ways to help the people of New Jersey deal with 40-year-high inflation, Governor Murphy has decided that individuals should pay more. Congress has allocated hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure projects to states, including New Jersey, so there is absolutely no reason that tolls should be increasing during a recession. While other states are devising ways to help their people survive this economic crisis, Governor Murphy and the state of New Jersey are exacerbating this dire situation by making it more expensive to travel.

“People are hurting. New Jersey families cannot afford any more price increases when inflation is costing them an additional $726 per month, when grocery prices are costing an additional $114 per month, and when energy prices are costing an additional $129 per month going into the winter season. New Jerseyans need solutions, not more fees.”

6 thoughts on “Congressman Van Drew Outraged Over Massive Toll Increases on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway

  1. This is BS from our tone deaf governor and his Managers..

    Let him pull in his budget and take a hard look at his agencies for cuts retirement incentives and operating savings.Put out bids to new subcontractors as NJ State retirees
    are given new incentives to retire earlier ..

    Has he put out new bids on state vendors and suppliers .

    Fuel came down a bit and I am sure those suppliers never adjusted fuel driven price mark ups..There is always

  2. They have no choice. The money has already been spent and the toll increases are necessary to pay off the bonds. Think of it as a giant parking garage.

    1. Today, it seems like almost everything is turning into a “parking garage………”

  3. Sure…
    They need this money to support the lifestyle and fund handouts to the Illegal Aliens and BLM operatives.

  4. Don’t forget the union slobs…

  5. Lots of 6 figure no skill jobs for friends and family

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