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Controversial Church Open Doors to Neighbors


Controversial Church Open Doors to Neighbors
March 1,2013
the Staff of the Ridgewood blog

You are cordially invited to attend a concert this Sunday hosted by the World Mission Society Church of God in Ridgewood, NJ. The program is titled “Music Through the Ages: Past, Present & Future” and will include the works of Handel, Schumann, Bizet, Debussy, Rogers & Hammerstein, Gershwin and much more. I will be singing “Let the Bright Seraphim” with a trumpet player friend of mine, and a Listz/Schumann arrangement of one of my favorite pieces, “Widmung.” Additionally I will sing with the event choir/orchestra. The concert will be followed by a catered banquet with entertainment from affiliates at the Mannes School, the Juilliard School, the Manhattan School of Music, and a short children’s play. It will definitely be a night of excitement!

MUSIC THROUGH THE AGES: Past, Present, and Future
Date: Sunday, March 3, 2013
Time: 3pm-7pm
Host: World Mission Society Church of God
Place: 305 Godwin Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450
Attire: Formal Attire/Festive

Critics contend that the World Mission Society – Church of God is a cult, a  cult that targets college students and young people .

The World Mission Society Church of God, a cult from Korea, (no, not the Moonies this time) is recruiting on campus. They are secretive, exclusivist and boast of a membership of over one million followers. Students who join the movement are being subjected to a series of coercive psychological techniques (yes, just like the Moonies) designed to persuade them to turn over their lives to this mystical sect from the Far East.

Who Are They?

The Church of God is a destructive cult portraying itself as a mainstream religion. By exploiting Christian terminology and the Bible, they are manipulating their followers to further the goals of the movement, namely money and power. A former Seventh-day Adventist, and self proclaimed messiah, “Ahnsahnghong” founded the organization in Korea in 1964.

After his death and subsequent ascension to heaven in 1985, Ahnsahnghong was succeeded by his spiritual wife Zahng-Gil-Jah; also known as Mother God, Heavenly Mother and New Jerusalem Mother. Members pray to her and are encouraged to visit Korea to pay her homage. Mother God is the core of their faith.

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26 thoughts on “Controversial Church Open Doors to Neighbors

  1. Just a ploy to recruit more teens.

  2. Psychos!!!!!

  3. Th Church of God is the Westside’s Valley Hospital.

  4. Religion aside, I am truly frightened by the prospect of increased traffic in general as well as cars entering that portion of Godwin Ave., esp. turning left, or slowing down to turn in there. It’s much too close to the traffic light at Lincoln for another one to be installed, ever. It was bad enough when they built Paul Court. This is a series of accidents (and consequent traffic tie-ups on a major east-west artery) waiting to happen. It is also a block from GWMS, with kids crossing those two wide driveways, as well as heading to/from Citizens Park for various reasons–shudder.

    The church wants to increase greatly in size, physically and no doubt in membership–disaster. Imagine what that would be like before and after services and events there.

    The entire grounds should be made into a park with a parking lot. The town will live to regret allowing this.

  5. Wow # 4 you concerns are the same as residents have about Valley.

  6. Ridgewood… new magnet of the dregs of society.

  7. I haven’t looked this up personally but I did hear that church was on a data base called cult watch.

  8. As nutty and cult-like they sound, I believe this “church” has been there for years now. They aren’t just opening their doors, which the title of the blog leads some readers to believe.

  9. They’ve been there for at least 7 years that I know of . Before that It was the christian science church.

  10. All churches are controversial. And they are all equal in the eyes of the gov’t.

  11. some shit going in that place.

  12. Their application will be judged on its merits, not on whether or not some people think it is a cult. Most religions can seem a little kooky when you look at them.

    If services are on Sundays then the “big crowds” will not affect the middle school. I haven’t heard any criticism of West Side Pres. and their impact on the school.

  13. Isn’t this the same church that helped the town during hurricane Sandy. By the standards of a “cult” all church can be seen as cults, just look at what people said about Jesus 2,000 years ago. But what are they doing for the society is what you have to look at.

    Look at what they dd in Ridgewood.


    Isn’t this the church that did this in the video above?

  15. You cannot judge a Church by your own opinion.. Please judge correctly.
    1) are they following Gods commandments are they are in the Bible?
    2) What contributions are they making to society.

    They were they only church that came out to help residents in need during hurricane sandy.

  16. It is nice that they are inviting the community to their musical presentation. I am sure that they would like it if we got to know them better. The fear of the neighbors is driven by ignorance.

  17. “They were they only church that came out to help residents in need during hurricane sandy.”


    But then again, why let truth get in the way of your agenda…

  18. And would you care explain what that agenda is?

  19. #17, Why don’t you check with the chief of police to verify before saying it’s not true.

    Let’s all follow the golden rule instead of spreading around more hatred. Remember, what goes around comes around.

  20. sorry bud but Mt Carmel did way more than anybody and its nice to see how ungrateful people are

  21. amazing how many comments how many stupid comments were made on here with reading the post

  22. #15 you made a false statement many churches helped out and as poster 20 said especially Mt Carmel hosting 24.7 warming centers and feeding people for over 2 weeks

  23. PJ I see now you have the moonies after you lol

  24. I guess no one wins. If the church keeps its doors shut “it’s a controversial church” and if the church opens its doors “it’s still a controversial church”. I think we should at least appreciate what they’ve done for our community whether they were the only ones or not.

  25. Thats the problem with the WMSCOG. Every time they help is so that the can get attention. If you notice every time they pick up a leave, there is a camera, every time they try to do something nice, there is a camera. You guys are FAKE. Scientology does more “volunteer activities” than you ,and we know what they are.

  26. Check out this site. Truth of the Rumor about Christ AhnSahngHong.

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