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Tiger Team Recommendations: Establish a Five Year Staffing Strategy


Tiger Team Recommendations: Establish a Five Year Staffing Strategy

The Village should establish a five-year staffing plan that incorporates anticipated attrition, compensation
rates for new hires, outsourcing,  civilianization opportunities and modeling of efficient staffing levels.

Personnel costs, staffing levels, and service offerings are some of the main drivers of the excessive operating costs of the Village. Historically, when one Village employee retires, another is hired as a replacement with little or no attempt to reengineer other employees’ duties to consolidate
positions or reduce cost.

Across the Village, a significant number of employees are near or currently eligible for full -time retirement benefits. These long-term employees are at th
e highest end of the pay scale and it is critical for Village management to evaluate the cost – benefit for them tocontinue working for the Village or attempt to accelerate their retirements and replace them, if necessary, with lower cost employees . This must be facilitated nunder collective bargaining agreements . In order to properly evaluate this, the concessions from existing employees, as well as the terms of contracts for new hires must be known. There fore, this analysis should be performed in conjunction with collective bargaining agreement negotiations, in collaboration with
the FOB, and in alignment with the Strategic Financial Plan.

The manner in which services are delivered must be closely evaluated for every service offering throughout the Village. If the Board of Education can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by terminating the use of Village services and outsourcing them, it is only logical that the Village itself could save significantly larger amounts by doing the same. As referenced throughout this report, Village management must carefully evaluate the cost-benefit of outsourcing the delivery of all service offerings.

The analysis of all of these components requires coordination among numerous departments and Village management. In order to more effectively manage future personnel levels and compensation/benefit costs, in terms of the immediate and long-term impact , the committee believes it is critical for management to develop a five-year staffing plan.

5 thoughts on “Tiger Team Recommendations: Establish a Five Year Staffing Strategy

  1. o k , get a set of ball’s and start with the police and fire dept’s. they make all the money. we don’t need a paid fire dept. and the cop’s are over paid. end of the story.

  2. yea o k good . what are we going to do with the over paid fire dept that we don’t need. how come other town’s don’t have this.

  3. You kep posting from the tiger team but they do not seem to have any place in the current budget meetings. Maybe the tiger team people should run for office. They have no standing at this point in time.

    I doubt that any of them could win elected office.

  4. that;s a good point. this council will do what they like.they don’t care about any one.

  5. boy o boy if we keep outsourcing what would we need any managers for.

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