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Democrats Balked at Vaccine Safety

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Ridgewood NJ, When President Trump first told the American public that a coronavirus vaccine could come this year — at the time he said possibly before Election Day — Democrats including Vice President-elect Kamala Harris said they would not trust Trump as to any vaccine’s safety.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo last September calling for an independent review of the safety of the vaccine:

“Frankly, I’m not going to trust the federal government’s opinion [on the vaccine] and I wouldn’t recommend it to New Yorkers based on the federal government’s opinion.”

Joe Biden, September 2020:

“Let me be clear: I trust vaccines, I trust scientists, but I don’t trust Donald Trump.  At this moment, the American people can’t either….Scientific breakthroughs don’t care about calendars any more than the virus does. They certainly don’t adhere to election cycles. And their timing, their approval and distribution, should never, ever be distorted by political considerations.”

Kamala Harris in the Vice Presidential Debate:

“I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump and it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he’s talking about.”

Democratic Governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, Sept. 2020, when asked if he would support the Operation Warp Speed shot:

“Of course, I’d follow science.  It doesn’t matter when it happens.   But I would have to look at the science, not Donald Trump.  There isn’t one single thing I would ever trust from Donald Trump.”

5 thoughts on “Democrats Balked at Vaccine Safety

  1. Science doesn’t care how you feel – intellectual cognition beats emotion every time.

    Donald Trump is a real estate tycoon and a successful businessman, not a scientist.

    People just like Donald Trump run all the big pharmaceutical companies – they may or may not be scientists. but they are definitely successful businessmen.

    Of course, I would never say, “Let’s kill all the stupid people!” I’m just saying the problem would self-solve if we just removed all the warning labels.

    If the above statements are too confusing for you to follow, let me suggest that you remove all the warning labels in your pantry and medicine cabinet. Your “thumbs down” reply below are my badges of honor!

  2. The idiots badge of honor … ha ha ha

  3. The Dems successfully used Covid as their primary campaign tool, and with the help of 90% of the media who are nothing but the PR machine for the Dems, it worked. Biden disgusted me when he became President and said that the Trump administration had left them nothing in terms of a vaccine program, when in fact it was the same program that Biden took over at the point of roll-out and is what many of us have successfully taken. The mainstream media are disgraceful, with their 24/7 red-banner alerts about that day’s manufactured Trump “scandal”. He was the best President in my lifetime and was the closest we ever came to dismantling the corrupt swamp that feeds off taxpayers money.

  4. Figures! Dem’s are a joke

  5. The only reason i finally got the vaccine is because its a TRUMP VACCINE.
    If it was created under the Dementia Case biden no way would i trust it

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