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Democrats Infrastructure Plan Promotes High Density Housing and Urbanization

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Ridgewood NJ, included in the Democrats infrastructure plan is a provision to provide  $213 billion for affordable housing . The bill would encourage public housing and  encourage local governments to do away with zoning practices that limit affordability.

Many of the plan’s details are yet to be determined, including how various grants and tax credits would be used and what levels of government would administer them. But affordable and public housing advocates say the administration’s funding commitments go far beyond what have been proposed in the past to address the “U.S. affordable housing crisis”.

The one big positive may be the Neighborhood Homes Investment Act. The act would provide $20 billion in tax credits to help fund the construction or rehabilitation of more than 500,000 homes in neighborhoods with low property values or housing in poor condition.  The act would provide tax credits over five years to help homeowners cover the gap between the cost of development or rehabilitation and the sales price of a home.There is also $40 billion that plan would set aside for improving infrastructure in the existing public housing system.

The Democrat proposal also targets the issue of “exclusionary zoning laws” (attack on single family home ownership) , which could include prohibitions on multifamily housing or minimum lot sizes(urbanization). Local governments have used such laws to block or limit affordable housing in wealthy neighborhoods, instead concentrating low-income or multifamily housing in poor neighborhoods.

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6 thoughts on “Democrats Infrastructure Plan Promotes High Density Housing and Urbanization

  1. We’re seeing their plan in action in Bergen County. RW is turning into a city with the downtown buildings and who knows what’s cooking about Valley’s properties around town and with TD Bank empty sites on N Maple. HHK is building a monster by the train station and is about to start a mega project by HHK crossings. Montvale by Wegmans is gone for good with huge buildings. Trees are being cut everywhere to make space for concrete. All these developments have the full support of democrats who scream about air quality, pollution and environment. These disgusting hypocrites.

  2. time to move outta here to a red state

  3. To my fellow taxpayers of the Village of Ridgewood you wait and see what’s going to happen at Valley Hospital on Valentine. Or not gonna be happy down the road. Stop listening to their bullshit stories. Indian Valley Hospital will win. Actually they already have. They can shut down that hospital leave it empty and put a 20 For the fence all the way around it and no one can’t do anything. It would be one ugly eyesore. And then the county and state will takeoff her and Bill lowing come housing there oh yes. And who’s going to fight them who can afford it no one. You can scream yell until you turn blue in the face no one cares.

  4. The legislation will regionalize planning boards. Local towns will have no input.

  5. It’s amazing isn’t it, if you think you see litter now. You just wait until all these housing is full. it’s going to be a full-time job just with Litter. Can you imagine all the extra garbage, recycling, every time they flush the toilet, the water usage, the calls to the Fire Department because people are making too much smoke, EMS calls, police disputes, mail delivery, cable companies, public service, what about UPS, Amazon, FedEx, Kids running around, people walking in and out back-and-forth, cars coming in and out, traffic, who is who, I can’t take it,Holy shit, all night long baby. Good luck.

  6. welcome to east montclair

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