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Discussion on Ridgewood business paint color will continue

Tito's Burritos Ridgewood


A resolution has not yet been reached in the matter of the façade color of East Ridgewood Avenue restaurant Tito’s Burritos.

The matter before the Planning Board has been carried to the first meeting in December.

The applicant, Sonic Wave ll, LLC seeks a minor site plan application to keep the restaurant’s blue exterior, which the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) contends is at odds with the guidelines set forth in the village code that aims to preserve the village’s historic downtown area.

David L. Rutherford, the attorney for Tito’s Burritos, said his client had met with the village’s Historic Preservation Commission in September, but noted that “consensus was not reached” at that meeting.

Owner Michael Caldarella said the issue boils down to “visibility” for Tito’s Burritos. The restaurant’s façade is somewhat obscured by the set of stairs that sit on the western side of the building. The navy blue exterior allows the business to stand out and draw customers in, he said.

11 thoughts on “Discussion on Ridgewood business paint color will continue

  1. Why is this even being discussed,one never hears any complaints.

  2. This matter is a waste of public resources. Leave Tito’s Burritos Blue front alone. Ben & Jerry’s Pepto Bismo pink building is a true offense.

  3. The colors are great. They are not gaudy. The place is clean. The food is excellent. The people who work there are friendly and professional, young and enthusiastic. LEAVE THEM ALONE and let them run their business.

  4. It looks nice leave them alone.

  5. Is this the only pressing matter that they have.?

    Who cares???

  6. Take a walk over to the Ken Smith property and tell the occupant to remove that shitty looking sign and let these people go about their business…with all the shit going down around here THIS is what requires resources????
    get you head out of your ASSES

  7. And how about those planters blocking the sidewalk? I still haven’t seen any permits for them. How do you get away with that?

  8. Looks better than all those stupid parking garage posters all over town.

  9. I don’t understand. Tito’s agreed in advance to get permission for changes including color changes. They painted without permission “by accident”. Why didn’t they change paint back, and then do proper application. Is paint that expensive, or are they just special? (I like the new color, just not the typical attitude of everybody being too special to follow community rules.)

  10. Wasn’t blimpy’s facade red? What’s the issue here?
    I agree with 529, the former car dealership looks like shit.
    Guess who controls that place now?
    (The online tax records do not show a change of ownership……yet…perhaps someone doesn’t the voting residents to know that it’s not their only major holding in town?.)
    Somebody do a bit of digging here”…..

  11. Hint hint

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