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DOJ finds Poor Care at New Jersey State-run Veterans Homes During COVID Pandemic

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Paramus NJ,  State Senator Michael Testa, Jr. slammed Governor Phil Murphy and former DOH Commissioner Judy Persichilli after a bombshell report was released Thursday by the Department of Justice and U.S. Attorney’s office for New Jersey. The report indicates that there were inadequate pandemic infection control measures and medical care at two New Jersey state-run veterans homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was determined that these actions, or lack thereof, violated the U.S. Constitution.

“Today’s news confirms what we have known for over three years since ‘fourteen days to stop the spread’ changed our lives forever. The Murphy administration clearly played a role in the countless deaths of our nation’s heroes,” said Testa. “I find it odd that to this day, the Governor and ‘the woman who needs no introduction’ have still yet to admit any shortcomings in their response to the pandemic in our state’s veterans and nursing homes,” Testa continued. “Our fallen heroes and their loved ones deserved so much better than the unfortunate outcome they received, which we now know violated the very rights in the Constitution they fought so bravely to protect.”

Testa concluded, “Our heroes also deserved better than spending their final hours alone with no loved ones there to support them due to negligence. We need leadership in Trenton that is unafraid to admit their shortcomings and actually ‘follows the science’ when the next ‘public health emergency’ comes our way. I can only pray that the same mistakes made in 2020 are never allowed to occur again. New Jersey deserves better.”


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2 thoughts on “DOJ finds Poor Care at New Jersey State-run Veterans Homes During COVID Pandemic

  1. Where is Tedesco ?

    This is happening in his town ?

  2. This is nothing new, I have witnessed this 20 years ago, not at all locations, but many locations are filthy and understaffed. I could imagine the shit that was going on many years ago. That shit hit the fan during Covid time.

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