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Driver fails to negotiate curve and slams into utility pole

photo by Boyd Loving

Driver fails to negotiate curve and slams into utility pole
September 2,2013
Boyd A. Loving
2:56 PM

Photo credit: Boyd A. Loving

Ridgewood NJ, The driver of a Lexus SUV heading northbound on South Maple Avenue in Ridgewood failed to negotiate a curve and slammed head on into a utility pole on Monday afternoon.

Fortunately, the driver was spared injury as a result of the vehicle’s air bags having been deployed.  The vehicle however was much less fortunate; it sustained extensive front end damage and had to be towed from the scene by a flatbed tow truck.

Ridgewood PD Patrol Officers Paul Dinice (left ) and Patrick Elwood (right ) responded to investigate the accident and handle traffic control.  South Maple Avenue remained open throughout the incident, although traffic flow was restricted to the southbound lane only.
Photo credit: Boyd A. Loving


7 thoughts on “Driver fails to negotiate curve and slams into utility pole

  1. People; you’ve gotta just quit texting while driving

  2. How do you go that far off the road?

  3. Does look like a tricky curve. Have there been many accidents at that spot–dawn, dusk, night, rain/sleet/snow/hail/fog etc.? Maybe a big bright reflector light would help.

  4. That is not a tricky bend. The road has a small curve. Only someone with a medical episode or a distracted driver would be surprised by the bend. Maybe the driver was going too fast and took his/her eyes off the road.

  5. texting for sure.

  6. The driver wasn’t texting, he was tweaking.

  7. he wasn’t tweaking, he was twerking.

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